Monday 9 August 2010

steadylah NST


More security for CM, but a danger to Komtar traders
By Phuah Ken Lin

GEORGE TOWN: Traders at Komtar are unhappy with the building management for partially closing several emergency exits for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's personal safety.
They claimed that the closure of the five doors linking their stalls and the multi-storey car park had limited their options of getting out of the building in case of emergencies.

The roller shutters and doors connecting the multi-storey car park on the second floor had being shut since Tuesday following an incident in which an elderly man confronted Lim over a housing dispute in Tanjung Tokong.

Several traders said the management had not consulted them on the matter.
steadyaku47 comment
Steadylah NST…you talk to a Hawker and to a Jeweller and you say that the Traders (with an ‘s’) at Komtar “are unhappy with the building management for partially closing several emergency exits for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's personal safety”?
Well technically you are right…two traders does allow one to put an ‘s’ at the end of Trader!

Come on lah…are you that bankrupt of stories to tell about Penang? Why not write about the lovely beaches, the gastronomic hawker fare or even the nostalgic Ferry ride for those returning to Penang after being away for a while? Anyway your piece did give me my much needed daily chuckle at NST! Come on Editor  - up your game a bit. I know your reporters have to ‘cari makan’ and you have your daily quota of ‘hantam Pakatan Rakyat ‘ stories to tell but guide them to be better reporters – not ask them to write drivel for Barisan Nasional…anyway when you write these kind of rubbish you do acknowledge that Guan Eng is a problem to BN. Thank you.


  1. Both the hawker and jeweller trader are upset because the closure of the emergency exits denied them of a quick getaway should the law enforcement officers conducts raids on illegal immigrant workers working in their stalls/shops.

  2. Aisehman brother I already got my chuckle from reading that NST you have made my day with that unsubstantiated but nevertheless quite possible assertion that the Boob Boon Cafe and that Jeweller were using illegal immigrant workers...I suggest the IGP conducts an immediate investigation into this possibility...immediate because he might be out of a job soon - if that Din has the nerve to ask him to go!

  3. NST-mah, what'd you expect? Wondering how closing the exits from carpark can affect the livelyhood of the food stalls by the door when the 3 main entrances are still open and the shops on that floor are still come these stalls never complained of the toilet stink and location (near the toilets) given to them during Gerakan time while the bumis have their own location spot nearer to the bus depot and ground floors.

    Pity I was not there or I would have lent him a gas lighter. Oh yeah, only the pro-MCA and Gerakan were informed of the gathering and no one else.