Saturday 30 July 2011

My mind wanders...

If you believe that there is an afterlife. If you believe that paradise or hell awaits after this life. If you believe there is no God, no Angel no Gabriel … it necessary to tell others of your beliefs…for after all there are just your beliefs and others have theirs.

I cannot understand this need to ask others to pray and do good on this earth so that their afterlife will be good. Surely you yourself will have enough to do to make sure your afterlife is good without worrying about others. Please for all those of you who are concern about what awaits me after this life I ask that you do not worry too much about me. And for those that besiege God to show me the right path to wherever it is they want me to go may I suggest that you first think about asking God to ensure that you are already on the path of righteousness.

I am not lost and neither am I unsure of what awaits me. Death awaits me. As death awaits all Christians, all Muslims, all Jews …all of us. And what comes after death is something each and every one of us will have to work out for his and her self. I have my thoughts and so have others and I am sure we differ. Do not at any moment think that what you believe in is the truth and nothing but the truth. There are too many “others” with different religion, different beliefs, different understanding of life to make just your beliefs to be the right one.

Long ago I realized that there are good Christians and bad Christians. Good Muslims and bad Muslims. No one religion has a monopoly on goodness or evil. Let others live their life their way and you live yours your way. Find peace yourself and do not go around telling others how to find their peace…not unless that is how you earn your living and getting well paid for doing so.

By now there will be some of you fully convinced that I am an atheist and in need of “guidance”. What ever I am is really my concern and my concern alone. Do not try to second guess what is in my head for my thoughts meanders relentlessly in directions I myself am unaware of. I am at peace with myself. Leave me alone.   


  1. Cool man - what has come to pass is gone forever. Look forward and never backwards. There's another day to go through again.

    As long as you think, you are, and will be.


  2. No matter how devoted we are to our belief,I believe nobody will ever be able to get rid of that 'wonder' feeling.....the question mark will always remains.....chill man chill..

  3. When was the last time that you visited your father's and mother's grave?

    As a good son when was the last time that you prayed and asked God to send your beloved parents to heaven?

    You didn't see the air you breathe but it is there. Without it you die. When was the last time you said thank you God for the air I breathe.

    When was the last time you thank God for the eyes you can see with?

    When was the list time you thank God for the hearing that he has given you?

    The list goes on... and it is all for FREE.

    And yet God never ask anything back from you. He said sien, you are responsible for your own life. He said sien, you are allowed to go to heaven or hell in your very own way.

    Don't blame God when you woke up one day and find yourself in hell!

    Happy, blessed and peaceful ramadhan al-karim mubarak for you and your wife.

  4. Let’s line them up. A Catholic and a Protestant, a Shia and a Sunni, a Buddhist and a Hindu, and to make it interesting, a Perkasa and a Hindraf. Get a Serbian or a Chechen or to be more current, get a wayward Norwegian, place a bazooka in his hands and tell him to blow them fellas to kingdom come.
    Now we sit back, get our blackberry, i-pods or whatever and wait for THE CALL which will inform us whether them guys are calling from heaven or hell.
    Ok, Ok, so there’s no line yet from here to there cause neither Celcom nor Maxis got the contract yet. Don’t have to call me bad names Digi, just because I did not mention you.
    Bottom line here is, who decides which one of them is the true Son or Member of God.
    Enlighten me, I am confused.
    At moment of putting this down I am born a Muslim, Sunni that is. But I wanna be like Bill Maher, if you know who I am talking about.