Thursday 14 July 2011

cakap cakap....don't talk...just do!

Kerajaan Malaysia perlu mengadakan sisasatan yang telus dan terbuka dengan segera mengenai dakwaan penggunaan pendekatan keras dalam menangani perhimpunan anjuran Bersih 2.0 Sabtu lalu, kata badan pemantau antarabangsa Human Rights Watch hari ini.

Doctors say cops fired tear gas into Tung Shin compound

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 — The federal government should publicly apologise to Tung Shin Hospital for the police’s actions in firing tear gas and chemically-laced water into the hospital compound, the DAP said today.

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I am amused to see those news item today. We have the International Human Rights Watch demanding "Kerajaan Malaysia perlu mengadakan sisasatan yang telus dan terbuka". Then comes in those pillars of Malaysian societies - Doctors-who are prepared to provide sworn affadavits that the police had fired tear gas into the Tung Shin hospital.And last but not least, the DAP demanding that the BN government should publicly apologise to Tung Shin hospital for the police action.

And what would these people do if Najib and this BN government did not capitulate to their demands? Give NajibNajib and his goons do not care a damm for your demands or threats. For all we know, after making those statements, those brave souls would dread the knocking on their front door at 3am by the enforcers of the ISA edicts! The goons from Special Branch. And as they are taken away blindfolded without so much as a goodbye to their loved ones...they would start realizing the folly of their ways. To question the right and might of the BN government will just never do in these times that we now live in. Najib rules!

I know these people have to go through the motions of showing their indignation at the way this bloody BN government is going about the business of government but I think their energy is better used by organizing the people of this country into Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

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  1. I'm no fan of UMNO, don't believe in the prevalent bad culture that has helped define the malays. I do however believe that Najib is currently the only politician who has shown vision, innovation, promise and forward thinking. And just like Mahathir, I can't imagine it's easy for him to have to institutionalize changes within the system that has existed for long. I see some people from among those in facebook calling for his resignation. Surprised that these normally far-sighted, reasonable and BIG PICTURE people demonstrate so little by way of empathizing and understanding the challenges that this man has to overcome not only externally (the public domain) and I suspect more so internally (within UMNO). So the whole 100,000 lot of you on facebook, please stop playing judge and juror and work towards the big picture, You may get the results that you want, but the outcome may not be the one desired. Instead of calling for his resignation, maybe the whole bl**dy lot of you could start help cascading the NEM and make yourself useful for once..