Tuesday 12 July 2011

Rosmah Mansor

No-one should starve in Malaysia just for one bitch

This ring is worth RM24,458,400.00 and the owner is none other than Rosmah the Whore.

Malaysia has 28 million population including illegal immigrants. If we can get hold of Rosmah's ring and her RM1 million per bag, which number around 250 bags. No-one in Malaysia should be starving. In fact everyone is a millionaire.

We are fortunate in a sense unlike her, we don't need to spread our thighs open and beg for the Chinese and Mamak Toyboys to enter.

steadyaku47 comment:

I saw the above posting somewhere in one of those blogs on the web. Much as I dislike saying s I do not believe that even Rosmah would be spending that amount of money on a ring -simply not plausible.  


  1. It's US$24,458,400, Hussein... less than RM75 million.... but what's the problem, Rosmah Mansor shares the same initials as Ringgit Malaysia ;-) I know it's almost impossible for us to believe... but some sleuth will soon come up with further evidence or it will turn out be another clever hoax masterminded by the dreaded Anwar :-)

  2. you mean pm beli for her ah !!??

  3. It was posted in M2Day by RPK.

    Let's wait for more breaking news. The customs declaration forms all look real enough.

    What's the probability MACC will start investigating like yesterday> Kek, kek, kek!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Utterly obscene! If true, she ought to be hung from the tallest tree. Najib don't have to worry about Bersih or Anwar. The greatest threat to his holding on to the PM post sleeps beside him. And WTF is the MACC?

  5. She should be charged for money laundering. I think they are trying preparing to take flight by converting their ill gotten wealth into something that can take with them when the curtain comes down on them.

  6. Don't ever think a minute that she pays for all those luxuries. Few special draws solved all those expenses.

  7. She must go. Even if the story is an exaggeration (which I dont think it is), everytime she steps out, you can be sure the whole get-up reeks of thousands of dollars. Although a PM's wife has to look well-groomed and well-dressed, she's gone beyond all decency in terms of extravagance. I tried to be neutral abt her but it looks like she doesnt care a damn what people think abt her and how she spends. If she's not stopped, the government will be bankrupt very soon

  8. NO wonder we're so BROKE !
    S'poreans so RICH !

  9. " dun ask me about bersih or not but my blue diamond ring needs to be bersih ! ask MM & her dad about Berish2.0 & dun kacau me again otherwise c4 u baru lah tau , @#$%^&* !! "