Saturday 16 July 2011

Semasa DPM....a comment.

Before any of you guys go viral and start hurling curses and damm me to damnation on my latest posting "Semasa DPM" understand this. Talk do not bother me. If you intend to disagree with me argue your case - I do not censure anything in my blog. Whatever you send me are posted automatically. Some of you have sent me emails because they prefer to "discuss" this one on one with me - that is okay too - my email is and if you do not want me to post your emails on my blog - no problems.

For now what I am posting are all available on YouTube - you just have to know how to get to them.Nothing new for now.

Let us have a moment of clarity. I am for Pakatan Rakyat. I want Pakatan Rakyat to win this 13th general election....or at the very least win enough seats to be a credible opposition in Parliament. What I am trying to make you guys understand is this. DSAI is a liability to Pakatan Rakyat. Just think ...if he can do what he did in that video while he was DPM what does it say about him? There are other videos other issues - Mahathir and Pak Lah did not use them against DSAI because say what you like about those two, they still have "class" and set limits to what they will and will not do.Not Najib. Not the band of goons and desperado's that UMNO now has who will do anything to eliminate their enimies - to do their worse on Pakatan Rakyat. So what I have is nothing compared to what they have! I know what they intend to do. Najib knows what they intend to do....but all you guys know is you want DSAI to lead Pakatan Rakyat into the 13th GE.

I am sure those of you who have not seen this video before are already in denial. This cannot be DSAI. If they can do Avatar then anything is possible. Well truth is stranger then fiction. Wake up and come into the real world.

And so I say it is better for Pakatan Rakyat to take DSAI out themselves and start the process of finding another leader now rather then have UMNO force you to do so when they take out DSAI themselves.

Do not waste your time trying to hantam me. I am not a good person. I have lied, given bribes, taken bribes,cheated people...and the list goes on. About the only thing I have not done is probably kill someone...and that too I am not to sure! So I am putting my hands up to tell you guys that whatever it is you guys are going to accuse me of doing...I have done! Now go and read again what I have written and ask yourself if DSAI should jump before he is pushed?


  1. Itu U tube semua orang sudah tengok. Kalau mahu percaya itu gambar terserah lah.
    Esok kalau orang mahu bikin gambar Najib kongkek pun bolih tetapi tak baik salah dari segi hukum hudud dan saksi pun tak ada.
    Sorry Pak Husin - that bit no go!
    Only GOD knows.

  2. Tak payahlah vote Pakatan Rakyat if u feel that way. Pakatan Rakyat pun bukan bagus sgat, BN pon teruk juga. Tapi kalah menang Allah yang tentukan. Kita tak perlulah buka aib orang. Let God decide

  3. Cukuplah Sien.. Esok nisfu sya’ban dan maghrib nanti nak pi masjid kerana malam nie malam nisfu sya’ban dan kita orang kampong biasanya akan baca yasin tiga kali.

    Whatever is in the u-tube let it be lah. Why do you want to be a glorified postmaster to post it in your blog? Tak payahlah you nak tolong jom heboh kan!

    Selamat menyambut nisfu sya’ban Sien.. if you can puasa esok… puasa lah… It is a very good day for fasting. For whatever you are Sien, I still love you and miss you Sien.. and forever you will always be a brother to me.

  4. Yes Pak Hussein, I disagree with you on this one. And yes they can do avatar as far as the video shown is concerned. Its an old video which the public have accessed before. Personally I do not know if it was actually Anwar or not but the fact remains that it was never proven to be Anwar.

    If this is the liability that Anwar carries, I believe its a non-issue. Please show us more convincing ones lah.

    I enjoyed reading most of your articles as I find them intelectually written. But the ones you are discrediting Anwar thus far are bringing down my respect to you. The points you try to show are non-better than those used by UMNO/BN goons.

    I too agree that the struggle to have a better governance is beyond Anwar. But till now, fortunately or unfortunately Anwar sems to be the man that can lead us to that objective. Whether he is only the kingmaker or he becomes the king is ok.

  5. salam sdra sein,
    spt kata anon 071611,7:52pm gmt+09:30,

    sempena nisfu sya'ban mari kita renung 2 insiden zaman nabi yang boleh kita jadikan iktibar :

    2. Saidina Ali RA merepot kepada NABI SAW bahawa si yahudi telah mencuri baju perangnya dan NABI SAW telah membicarakan kes tersebut, hukumannya NABI SAW TELAH MEMBEBASKAN SI YAHUDI KERANA SAIDINA ALI RA TIDAK ADA SAKSI/BUKTI YANG CUKUP. Tidak lama selepas itu, si yahudi telah memeluk ISLAM kerana sangat terharu tentang KEADIALAN NABI SAW@ISLAM

    ps : intipati ceritanya begitulah..diharapkan sesiapa lebih arif dapat menceritakan siap dengan dalilnya..terima kasih.

  6. There's nothing wrong for PR to be without Anwar, leaders can come and go. If tomorrow Anwar dies, are you all going to change side? or is PR disintergrating and splintering away? Yes, Anwar is the catalyst as we all have believed he is and I respect him for that role, but I don't believe Anwar is the gravity that holds Planet Pakatan intact and I don't believe PR relies on one man to be the binding force that keeps Pakatan intact. The reason why UMNO wants Anwar to be disposed of at all cost is because they believe, like you all Anwarcentric, that without Anwar, PR is nothing more that just a tree stump, and very soon they will cut that one tree to make planet Pakatan a barren land.

  7. This is the second time I am posting a comment, all during the last three days. When you took sabbatical leave a few months ago, I did miss you but hey since you were not the only blogger, so my reading of blogs went on without so much of a stumble.
    I noted that you have tasted all, done all and nothing can hurt you further and so what are words of readers hah?Dont be so arrogant. The wrath of Allah may still await you.
    Your blog now comes under the same category as all our mainstream papers which I dont touch much less read even if they are the only reading material in the barber shop while waiting for my turn.
    I have lived like you past six decades.You dont have to be extreme in using your god given skill.Wassalam

  8. fm zam,i thik u do not know how to think.there was no pakatan before anuar came in,is that it was dsai who created pakatan,u cant acknowledge that.if u cant u are the greatest melayu bodoh in the world.

  9. pakhusin,we can only rancang and it's up to allah to give.dsai rancang to take over the govt by 16 sept but the govt send some of the wakil rakyats to taipei to study agriculture.becos of that dsai could not fulfil his dream,simple as that.kita merancang,allah meluluskannya,bodohnya pak husin ni.

  10. Anon bloody fool,

    You're more Bodoh of all Melayu bodoh. Anwar created Pakatan? so what? it doesn't mean he owns it, bodoh you. You must be of UMNO dungu goons who thinks they own Malaysia like your kepala bapak hang, ada faham?

  11. Anon Bodoh,

    If your cleverness is nothing more than to call others bodoh, then don't use Allah's name to make you more than a donkey muslim that says Allah but talk shit. Typical donkey Melayu you are.

  12. Please let us stop bickering and ponder for a while.

    A tale of two cities
    There is no better means of uniting the people than a common enemy. If one is not available then create one. Hitler has his Jews and Karl Marx his Bourgeoisie. Throughout history in time honoured manner man has created bogeyman to manipulate and control other.
    Not surprisingly then the Chinese has become the bogeyman to unite the Malays. What better ways to unite them than to tell them that they are under siege and their land is being robbed?
    The sad truth is that by producing this illusion and creating the disharmony the Malays are further enslaved and their progress and growth retarded. For under this myth the authority inevitably turned to failed policies and missed the real enemy - competition with the rest of the world.
    Here is where the tale of two cities begins. One creates an enemy within its walls while the other unite its people to face the challenges of an interconnected world.
    Under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore has united its people to face the challenges of a competitive and borderless world, where merits and competency rule. The most competent man gets the job irrespective of race and creed. The incompetent is made competent. The weak is made strong. Enhancing skills and competency through training and education became the policy. Diversity is celebrated. Those capable are rewarded. Those weak are helped.
    In contrast, Malaysia adapted a race base affirmative action that has led to free handout to the Malays. This policy bred dependency and inefficiency. Competency has no place and meritocracy is a bad word. Inevitably this policy led to wide spread corruption.
    All this reminds me of Robert Frost’s words, “When you arrive at a forked road, take the less traveled”. What a difference that made.

  13. How bloggers like to confuse people. On one side show Rosmah's bangles, on the other side show Anwar's videos!! What do u really want?

  14. Truth is always bitter,i guess all this anwarist just cannot accept the fact that anwar is no better than his former umno goon-rotten to the core...

  15. I think DSAI was not in the wrong when he said he had the numbers. Only thing was that BN was so scared then that they had to arrange a Taiwan trip led by the Bintulu PKFZ MP who then greased all the potential froggies. Politics is always about possibilities and more possibilities.
    But to dwell on the past and not move on with the present is indicative of regression. I think Pakatan DSAI today is a lot wiser than BN DSAI. I give DSAI the benefit of doubt so long as he can gel Keadilan with PAS and DAP for the benefit of the rakyat with a two party system. Notice I mentioned two party system? Doesn't matter if BN is still around after the next GE but Pakatan also needs a strong opposition party should it win Putrajaya next GE.
    I feel very sorry for you mate. You seem to have lost sight of the big picture that BN must not be allowed one more term as Malaysia hurtles towards bankruptcy and now undermining the chances of Pakatan. Perhaps you really need a long long break again.


  16. Dear FMZam,

    Allow me to borrow your tree analogy: A tree take years to grow and mature. If the tree is infested with termites but the roots are organically strong and can withstand strong winds and stormy weather, and can provide shade during a hot cloudless day, why must we accelerate the death of the tree and make the land barren? Let it be lah for as long as it is still strong and leafy and can provide shade to many whilst waiting for more trees to grow and mature to make the almost barren land into a leafy garden. By the way are you an arborist? Perhaps you can cure the tree?

  17. Anon tree analogy,

    I thank you for that piece. I'm not a botanist to tell a tree is bad or not but I'm wise enough to worry a big tree that we are living under its shade will fall on us on one stormy day. I never say bad about that tree like I never say bad about Anwar in my comments. I merely thought that tree has to go and came into agreement with Hussein who knows the tree in much deeper knowledge. I didn't really care about what Hussein has said, I believe that tree is rotting and when it is uprooted it would fall on the people who live under it. Is it stupid to think about the risk living under that kind of tree? Why are you angry with my believe and why are you angry I believe in Hussein, when all we think about is the people under the tree not the tree?

  18. fm zam,i often read your comments in dtk arshad's blog and i tink u r a bloody fool who like to live in a corrupted world and that's why u always pass negative comment to raji's writings.are u a former army staff,if yes u must be a bloody stupid staff who apple polished to survive.for husin,the product of mckk,he is another bloody idiot who like to expose dsai's bad past which he had been keeping secret for nearly 40 years.bodoh punya orang

  19. Anon arshad raji's blog,

    Now i know you're the bastard who didn't read well all my comments in arshad raji's blog, i challenge you to show all my comments in arshad raji's that portrayed me as not anti corruption. There was none, because i have been the most vocal in attacking corruption in the military and when i found out Arshad Raji was straying and becoming part of the corrupted generals (with his Vita Berapi sdn Bhd), i started to attack him, and he shut me off from entering his blog. I can proof Arshad Raji is one munafik when he used his blog to attack a particular general but at the same time he cohort with another of his interest.

    I was one a staunchest crusader who fought for Arshad Raji to go on blogging, but I am not a bloody bastard like you and him to remain with that munafik.

    And arshad Raji had never dared to answer all my allegations against him, only after he had banned he dared to utter his words to me when he knew he had tied my hand and sock my mouth that I could never answer back. Arshad Raji is one hell of a bastard coward.

    By the way have you seen him posting anymore corruption in the present military administration? No, why? Because he is living along the his cronies general.

    So Anon, you are the one who is so bodoh sombong you don't know Arshad Raji the way many of us ex Army know him. Take my challenge will you?, or tell Arshad Raji to lift his ban on me and see for yourself how brave I am to confront a monkey like Arshad Raji or you or anyone donkey military people.

  20. fmzam,i was having roti canai 5 minutes ago and i met an army coporal who told me he knew u very well in the engineering unit and he told me u are one bloody lazy officer and he was puzzled how the army sent u to the prestigious military college of sandhurst to become an officer.this guy told me alot about the negative parts of u and why u left the army so soon.this coporal told me u and dtk arshad are million miles apart in all aspects of life and credibility.and am surprised u have the guts to negative comment on dtk arshad,stupid u!

  21. Anon coffee with a corporal,

    There you are, lying at the first instance and surely there wasn't any corporal or any coffee stall other than that you're one hell of munafik like your arshad raji fitnah me with that blatant lie. Now you're surely an ex army too coward to say out your name because you're afraid i know who you are. And if ever there was that corporal who said of me like that, he too must be a munafik like you and arshad raji, why?

    I never went to that military academy Sandhurst in UK, never, that's why you and that corporal or arshad raji are a thick bunch of munafik. And more so a bodoh like you like to listen to another bodoh like that corporal and arshad raji.

    At this point i exposed you're a liar, a munafik, you simply hate my guts to attack arshad raji, or, are you arshad raji? Remember this that i've caught you laying, may Allah forgive you.