Saturday 30 July 2011

Pi's Twist

Today I came across the above blog at :

If you want to read about people who think not of themselves but of others....about people who care more for others then for themselves....about the good that people do to others....about people giving hope to others then you must go and read "Pi's Twist  The Way I see It" I have rarely been moved as much as when I read her posting on "The Last Farewell". This is real life and she writes so simply and so well. I felt that I was there with her and I felt what she felt and now know what she face in her work to assist those who are almost without hope in Malaysia. I hope those who can will assist her in her work in any way possible. Syabas PI....syabas. 


  1. Wow! Now Pi's site will be noticed by the political bloggers. Hope they won't be confused that she is not the famous PI Bala but Pi Bani.

  2. Alamak Pak I did not think about that part lah...all you guys out there ...please this Pi's Twist is the "real deal" not like the "all talk no action old man" like Zorro Unmasked and me! Just joking Zorro...I know I cannot action anymore...I don't know about you lah!