Sunday 17 July 2011

cakap cakap...sunday morning.

It is just past noon on a Sunday. I had nasi goreng for breakfast/lunch and am now sitting at my PC with a cup of hot black coffee (three sugars!) urging myself to write. The heater beside me is not keeping me warm enough so I have my socks and sweater on. A few minutes ago as I was surfing the net and I came across an image of a delicious bowl of ice is images like these that makes me think of KL. Nasi dagang can pull me back to KL much more effectively then if BN was to grant my wife and children citizenship - which they never did despite years or trying! Here in Australia I gave up my Permanent Citizenship once to go back and live in Malaysia. When I asked for it back they granted it back to me within a blink of an eye and citizenship is there for me to apply for if I choose to do so.But for now I am a Malaysian citizen.

I have burned all my bridges in KL. There is nothing there for me to go back to. Why I do so is only known to me but let me tell you why I choose to live in Australia. One simple reason. I can never starve here. I will always be able to afford a roof over my head. No matter what my circumstances. Since I came back to Australia three years back I have not had full time employment and yet I survive with my family. We have a three bedroom house, a decent car, plasma TV and whatever we need to live a comfortable live - because the government looks after those unable to take care of themselves for whatever reason.

That is why, 30 years ago I made the decision to live in Australia. Since then what has happened in my life and in KL has made me grateful that I have done so. My daughter chose to live in Canada with her Malaysian husband - Emmett. Why they do so is for them to know but I only wish them the best.

Most of you do not have the same opportunity as I have to chose where you want to live or work. You only have Malaysia. So what happens in Malaysia will decide your fate - your future. We in Australia are fortunate that we have responsible government - whoever that is the government of the day understand that they will be held accountable for whatever they do - even in the privacy of their home. If Bob Hawke (when he as PM) has a problem because one of his children is a drug addict - it is out in the public domain. When the previous PM, Kevin Rudd, lost support within his own party - he was ousted by his own Deputy - and within months that Deputy went to the polls to get the mandate from the people to be PM. She won that mandate.

If I am caught by the Police for a traffic infringement I am fined -and if it is serious enough my license is suspended or my car is seized for a few days or months - depending on the seriousness of my offence. No negotiations, 

In short the people in Australia has a fair deal. The government works for the people because it was elected by the people, for the people.

People in Malaysia must insists on the same of their government and those in opposition - for the opposition might one day be the government. If you do not then we shall forever be "trying" one leader after another until we find one that can live to our aspirations. We are not perfect but our leaders must be. Impossible maybe, but if you tell our leaders that we want them to be perfect then they know what are the kind of standards they would have to live to. Just as an accountant will never budget for a deficit why should we settle for anyone that is second best to be our PM?


  1. Bro.. come back home. We can help you build back the bridge(s). I have worked and lived in 17 countries, and sorry bro, nothing is like home... Come home Sien. People like you are rare and should be put high on a pedestal not in "Kamunting Resort".

    Perfectionist is a paralysis Sien... Even Nabi Muhammad is not perfect. He is only "maksom" i.e. "terpelihara dari sebarang kejahatan dan dosa". We must learn to accept and live with it. Long after his death people found the dark side of Abraham Lincoln. He was long gone.. but the later generation are cursing him today. Come home my bro.. we shall welcome you home. Give it a serious thought ok..

  2. Bro I hear you.In the past 30 years I have been to and fro between KL and Oz many many times. When my father(who I am in awe of) passed away(ten years after my beloved mother)my path was set. Adeliade is now home.


  4. menantu pakcik emmet butterfinger?

  5. Anon...betul lah tu.....Emmett Butterfingers.

  6. I dream of Malaysia where kautim is not the way of life,where apple polishing is haram,where datukship is only for fool and idiot and where nobody is more equal than others......?