Monday 18 July 2011

cakap cakap....CHILL

The Malays have a way of saying it....berdesing telinga....which roughly translated has the same nuance as what you would feel when someone gives you a piece of his or her mind when he or she disagree with what you have done! And many disagreed with what I have posted these last few days....or it should really be ...those that disagreed took the effort of letting me know what they thought of me! I have been called many names in my lifetime and there will be many more that will come flying at me as I go through what is left of my life. But really when all is said and done, who am I to you? All that I am able to do is to push the right button to make you jump. Chill brother. Let me story you about a few silly things I have done (and writing about u know who is not one of them!)

The silliest thing I have done in my life started while I was on a Qantas flight 30 minutes from landing at Sydney airport many many years ago. I have never been to Sydney and the plane was going to be in Sydney on transit only for a few hours. I decided that I wanted to see the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in the time the plane was on the ground. The plane landed, I rented a car and got a road map. Took some instructions from the Car Hire company as to the general directions of where the Sydney Opera Houses was and off I went. I did see the Opera House and crossed the Harbour Bridge and got back on the plane on time. It was only after the plane took off from Sydney that I realized that if I had time to think, that would have been something common sense will tell me NOT to do!

Marrying my wife in London at 21 after I have been asked to return to KL by my Father because I have quit studying would also be another silly thing I did - on hindsight! Fortunately at 64 year old I am still married to the same lady that I married at 21 - we still prefer each other's company to anyone else (well at least I would!). Tonight she just made me nasi goreng for dinner while I did do the ironing this afternoon so that she will not have to do it later tonight. So life is good...between us.

Here is the thing with life. The world I choose to live in is all is the outside world that has problems and bring problems. Unfortunately I do have to go outside once in a make that I do want to go outside once in a while...and when I do the outside world hits me in the face full on!

In my infinite wisdom (it should really be in my moments of utmost stupidity) I thought I would do the "grand gesture" of putting my innermost thoughts into the public domain and see if I can make people understand what is in my head. Why do I want to hantam DSAI? It really is quite simple....the same reason you guys want to hantam me. Anger. And again, in my infinite wisdom, I thought that I could carry my argument over to you guys and "discuss" these things like reasonable people. No can do lah. Too many red necks out there - for those of you who are not to sure what a red neck is time you stop reading what I am writing. Go and watch TV instead...any cartoon program will do!

No guys I am not being big headed or arrogant. Sometimes it is just impossible to make people understand that biduan and banduan are two different things. I do not mind if you take your time to work out things in your head but when you start writing faster than you can think...then YOU have a problem, not me.

Impossible to make others understand that maybe...just maybe there is another way of looking at things. Ask yourself this....why is DSAI intensely disliked by his "friends?" Even now he has so many friends around him....but friends who advises him in their own interest not his! Anyway...back to me!

What pulls me through life is the fact that to me life is never taken too seriously. I never ever take my self seriously. I am amazed that there are people who will read what I write...that this 64 year old guy in Adelaide...can make people (most of them are mysteriously called anonymous) tell me to go shove that part of my anatomy that sits on my shoulder - shove in into that part of my anatomy which does not normally see the sun. An impossible feat but what do they care...they still want me to try!

Life is to be lived. Once in a while I do get that "high and mighty" syndrome and I start to want to preach to those few of you that still support DSAI (oppss...there seems to be more then a few!)...never mind lah. Whatever I do you can be sure of this... always I will read again what I write just before I post it on my blog...and if it kicks me in the guts...then I know I have done a good copy of what you guys will want to read.

In closing I want you guys to do what my daughter taught her daughter (my grand daughter) to do very early in life (when she was just about two years old)......when things gets a just a bit too much and starts to overwhelm her she will tell Izzy to "CHILL"...and I swear to you all that Izzy does understand and she "CHILL'S". So guys....."CHILL".


  1. It's not out of anger mate. It is your stupidity that matters. Read my lips stuuuuuupid. Got it. You go and CHILL till kingdom comes

  2. Nice one Bro..never commented before but sometime your articles appears zany to me but heck its your blog so who am I to stop you.

    I generally enjoyed the comments excepts a couple of "uncouth" out there. To me, at the end of the day we can always agree to disagree but decorum must always be maintained. Manners maketh the man.

    Take care out there....

  3. I think the reaction you got when you started airing the bad linen is not because people LOVE Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, going thro the blogs, people are not enamoured of him, but they r willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because he's still out there and taking punches left and right. Here we are, just after BERSIH, feeling good and even elated that finally those people who sucked us dry could be sent into oblivion. And there you are, giving ammunition to these very people. Your timing really sucks

  4. Agree my timing sucks...but a guy has got to do what he has to do...

  5. Pak HH,

    To read stupid from a donkey's lips, all you hear is donkey sound.

  6. I dont know about others but to me what you write seem true to your heart and if a few anon could not agree with you,so be it, but to all those disagreeable anon,please respect differing of opinion and take it as fact of life and go CHILL.

  7. Anon 9.59, quite agree to what u've posted. And also, who else do we have besides Anwar? LKS, Hadi, Karpal,Tok Guru...? Not quite possible in the Malaysian context! Razaleigh would be good, but he has to come out to make a stand.

  8. Hope you watch Bersih 2.0 worldwide on youtube

  9. I will call you Hussien, not Pak or Tuan or Abang although I am two years younger.I was one of the angry ones and vowed that I would not read your blog anymore as I had classified it as carbage just like all the mainstream media.
    To your credit I cant because it has become a habit and part of my routine. Also I like your style, I like your songs and you do make my wife and I laugh sometimes. The 'banduan' thing is a howler. Pity that young fella but it just shows how he hated your guts!
    Hussein there is such a thing as 'honour amongst men'You dont have to hit Anwar below the belt.
    There are lots of questions that you have not answered. Why 'ungkit'? Why now? What makes you so angry? Why the malayish personal vendetta?
    I was always a reader and never a commentator. Unusual of me, I have commented twice negatively in your blog the last one week and made that vow which I could not keep. I went as anon and now just opened a google account.
    I respect your views but when you went personal on Anwar with those videos, that actually was a big letdown. Let me tell you this. You made yourself a 'star' with many followers over the years and you have given these followers hope and aspirations. You cannot now just 'surprised' them with something unexpected and then tell those who dont like your writings to
    Having said the above I sense a reconciliatory tone in your 'cakap cakap...chill' although I cant figure out what cakap cakap ...chill means.
    It is good that you remembered some of the silly things you did. I remembered mine too and yours paled in comparison with mine. I am sure Anwar remembered his and probably ours paled in comparison with his.
    Surely we cannot be given a'semerah padi'(only our generation knows what that mean)for life on account of the silly things we did.
    By the way I was in London on most weekends during the time you were in London. I was a Sandhurst cadet then and we could have bumped into each other at Malaysia Hall. Bryanston Square if you happen to frequent that place too.

  10. the knight in shining armour to the rescue