Sunday 17 July 2011


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Sunday, 17 July 2011 11:37 AM

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FMZam has left a new comment on your post "Semasa DPM....a comment.":

Anon tree analogy,

I thank you for that piece. I'm not a botanist to tell a tree is bad or not but I'm wise enough to worry a big tree that we are living under its shade will fall on us on one stormy day. I never say bad about that tree like I never say bad about Anwar in my comments. I merely thought that tree has to go and came into agreement with Hussein who knows the tree in much deeper knowledge. I didn't really care about what Hussein has said, I believe that tree is rotting and when it is uprooted it would fall on the people who live under it. Is it stupid to think about the risk living under that kind of tree? Why are you angry with my believe and why are you angry I believe in Hussein, when all we think about is the people under the tree not the tree?

Posted by FMZam to steadyaku47 at Sunday, July 17, 2011 11:37:00 AM GMT+09:30


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  2. Pak HH,

    I made answer to one Anon who passed a comment on me in Semasa DPM..A Comment, i want you to know i restrained from commenting on your Arshad Raji's posting because of this....

    Anon arshad raji's blog,

    Now i know you're the bastard who didn't read well all my comments in arshad raji's blog, i challenge you to show all my comments in arshad raji's that portrayed me as not anti corruption. There was none, because i have been the most vocal in attacking corruption in the military and when i found out Arshad Raji was straying and becoming part of the corrupted generals (with his Vita Berapi sdn Bhd), i started to attack him, and he shut me off from entering his blog. I can proof Arshad Raji is one munafik when he used his blog to attack a particular general but at the same time he cohort with another of his interest.

    I was one a staunchest crusader who fought for Arshad Raji to go on blogging, but I am not a bloody bastard like you and him to remain with that munafik.

    And arshad Raji had never dared to answer all my allegations against him, only after he had banned he dared to utter his words to me when he knew he had tied my hand and sock my mouth that I could never answer back. Arshad Raji is one hell of a bastard coward.

    By the way have you seen him posting anymore corruption in the present military administration? No, why? Because he is living along the his cronies general.

    So Anon, you are the one who is so bodoh sombong you don't know Arshad Raji the way many of us ex Army know him. Take my challenge will you?, or tell Arshad Raji to lift his ban on me and see for yourself how brave I am to confront a monkey like Arshad Raji or you or anyone donkey military people.

  3. fmzAM...I read, I think and I will have my say when I think it appropriate...for now let us see where this goes to...salam

  4. Why are we quarreling? The past is not important anymore. Focus on the fate of innocent children abused, abandoned, forgotten because of parents' poverty: re so many cases in Terengganu. Focus on plight of fishermen who cannot go and look for fish because of the price of petrol.These are not just statistics. Do you know how many people in Malaysia wake up and wonder how they are going to survive another day. I know because I am a pensioner and I have pension and yet I struggle. What abt those who dont have jobs at all, who cant fish, who dont have land to work on, who have 5 children to feed and send to school. Its not just numbers, they are real people. Thats why those up there, including the one with million-dollar rings dont give a damn. They are just numbers to her. So stop quareling, esp abt the past. Its not important anymore
    - who hentam who, who attacked who.
    The objective is clear - save our people