Saturday 30 July 2011

cakap cakap Saturday morning....

Precisely 7.13 a.m on a Saturday morning in Winter, in Adelaide. A cup of tea at my elbow, two heaters to keep me warm and our cat Lea sitting by the Gas Fire to keep warm – her favorite spot every winter morning. Anytime in Winter in Adelaide is mild when compared to the Winter I remembered in London. The cold clings to you in London. It follows you everywhere and you cannot hide from it…and yet London holds so many lingering memories of good times that refuses to go away.

Anytime when you had no greater a responsibility then to make sure that you arrive on time at Brynston Square to have lunch at Malaysia Hall is a good time. Anytime when you read the dailies to see if Lester Piggot was having any rides at the races for you to “invest” on must surely be free of any worries because you live for the moment! If there were any “problems” it would certainly have something to do with the possibility that “Paul McCartney is Dead!” …well that was what everyone was speculating since he was the only Beatle walking barefoot walking across that Zebra Crossing in Abbey Road….or maybe he just felt like walking barefoot….and the debate rages on.

I lived in the moment then as I still do now. When I decided to leave KL to live in Perth many years ago it did not occurr to me then that I will not be around with my Mother and Father in their last conscious moments on this earth….that I would not really be able to say my goodbyes to them. Today I think often about how it would be for me when my last conscious moments on this earth comes and my daughter and her family are far away in Canada. So I still live in the moment but a bit more mindful that life sometimes deals you an Ace and sometimes a Joker. You can never predict its outcome but you can try to change yourself and take what comes your way with relish and a positive attitude. Then life becomes good.

When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings bottle of wine?

If I'd been out till quarter to three
Would you lock the door,
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

Well for me 64 is already here! Mick Jagger is 70! John Lennon and George Harrison are gone and Hugh Hefner is…well Hugh Hefner is still Hugh Hefner albeit a little bit older!

The greatest gift I have been given in life is my wife, Zack, Terrina and her Family – my Family …though the jury is still out as to whether I am the greatest gift in their life….but hey who is asking? Even now as I sit here in front of my PC willing for some “ilham” to come my way so that my thoughts can race away to places unknown faster then my hands can type I know that it is the little things in life that really matters. My wife just walked past me and as she does she knows that I will reach out to touch her…and she me. 

Its Saturday today and I know that there is nothing that I have to do today that I do not want to do! Just you stop and think about that – how many of you can lay claim to that? That you do not have to do anything today that you do not want to do? Is that not Nirvana?

My mind is begging to meander to places unknown and I do not want you guys to follow. So I will stop for now…..but I still have not had a good laugh this morning…so maybe I might sneak a peak at my favorite comical comic…the NST…get a few laughs and hopefully get some “ilham” to bang some heads of those in BN and UMNO....I have already had 20 emails this morning and another one just came doubt to "hantam" me for being a bad bad boy! Salam. 


  1. I envy you. The greatest gift in life is a partner who is a companion and a soulmate. I dont know about other people but I have not seen many couples who seem as devoted as yours is. I can count on one hand married couples whom I've met who really adore each other until they grow old. Whats all the treasures in the world compared to that?

  2. With a companion like yours,I can live forever,you just hang in there man,you will be alright............

  3. sein,u know why u missed both yr parents when they were gone.ONE.becos u went to settle in a faraway land,no one ask u to migrate there.TWO.u like to hentam people and that's why Allah punished u to this day.THREE.maybe during yr umno days u banyak masssuk!now slowly but clearly u get the hantu going after u.when u hentam dsai proved u r sick in the mind and soul.

  4. Like to share the secrets of a great marriage? Yours truly would like some tips

  5. I like that piece about Anwar in ‘CLOSURE’ by Anonymous.
    The Anwar that I know is only from a distance. Had never spoken to him nor received any sign of recognition, simple because we do not know each other, same as I am with Najib, Mahathir, Samy and the rest.
    What I do know of Anwar is from the media, those who had contact with him, and mostly those, just like me, who knows him intimately from hearsay.
    So who are we to announce to the world for a fact he is what Malaysians portrays him to be. The entire negative load he lugs around, to an extent are what we ourselves are also burdened with. If we stop and see ourselves truthfully, we all have our dark sides. We all live double lives but it is suppressed within our subconscious. Given a chance to make some easy bucks, we certain grab it. Of course we never disclose, even to our closest friends or our partner at home that we are interested or yearn to have anal sex. So we do it somewhere else, if possible. And I am not talking about being gay. Come on guys, admit it. The next best thing is to surf the net and get out kicks. Be it PKR. DAP, MIC, especially UMNO or even PAS for that matter, there are many who wants to experience the “backdoor” but cannot, for the simple reason; they don’t know how to go about it.
    As for trying to reach the pinnacle of ambitions, to be the PM, hell, Malaysia Boleh, so what is the problem?
    Play fair, ok.

  6. Life is just a passing.

    You may relish in it without neglecting to prepare yourself for the eternal life.

    I may not be as old and wise as you Bro; I am only 50.

    But yet at this 'young' age, I am starting to seriously question about 'my time' on this temporary abode.