Wednesday 27 July 2011

The Rubbish must be Collected!

If it were not for the masses Hitler would have still been a Corporal. Idi Amin would not have been able to “promote” himself to Field Marshal and Sadam Hussein would have died of old age then been hanged in the prime of his life. The masses would have a villain become its hero if the mood moves them and so could they strike down a hero at a flip of a coin. It is impossible to try and understand what moves people in so great a numbers that they could make wrong what is right and make right was is wrong. 

You can try to explain that UMNO has been in power this long because they have the Malay votes. But by saying so you are also implying that the Malays must be stupid to not be able to see what harm UMNO have done to the Malays and to this country. And why do the Chinese in MCA vote a soiled Chuah Soi Lek as their President? Why do the Indians kept Samy Velu in power for so very long? These flawed individuals were all given power, position by the masses despite knowing the flaws in their characters. Mob mentality rules! Leaders have time and time again used their hold over their own people to take power, hold power and abuse power!

Are there enough people out there in Bolehland to ensure that rationality and common sense will bring about a decent, responsible and accountable government after the 13th general election?

In my moments of clarity the answer has to be “YES” – anything else would mean that we have lost faith in the goodness of our fellow human beings. Most of us do bad things when others are not watching us. People take bribes because they believe they will not get caught. For most of us just the thought that others are watching us are enough for us to behave in a civil and civilized manner. We stop at traffic lights if the policeman is standing beside the traffic lights. The policeman will not take bribes if his superior is standing beside him – not even if you pay him a bribe to take your bribe! So there are checks and balances around us that hopefully will prevent a complete breakdown of “our way of life”.

So we do what we think is the right thing. We keep our house neat and tidy. Mow the lawn on a regular basis, pay our utilities bills, feed our family and ensure that our house is also our castle. Twice a week we put out the rubbish secure in the knowledge that by the next morning, at 7 a.m at the latest, the DBKL rubbish truck will cart the rubbish away and leave us with an empty rubbish bin for our use for the next few days.

Now what happens if the DBKL rubbish truck failed to turn up on the appointed day? Or the next day or for the whole week? The rubbish rots. The rubbish piles up in our house and we then become aware how important that rubbish truck is to ensure that all is well with our household.

Now this is the same problem that we now have with this UMNO/BN government. The people of this country – the majority of them at least – have done the right thing in living their lives day in and day out for the past 50 over years. But since Mahathir took over that DBKL rubbish truck have not been around to empty our rubbish bin. For a while we started to bury the rubbish in the back garden. Now our back garden is full of rubbish so we start dumping the rubbish any where we can – in other peoples back garden, in the rivers, in padangs and now on the streets. And still the rubbish truck do not come. They do not come because the system we now have in our country has broken down because the government we elected no longer have our interest at heart.

Their priority is winning elections and making money for themselves – especially this 13th general election. And so far they have not been convinced that removing rubbish from our houses will win them the elections. These UMNO/BN politicians think that making more money for themselves will win them the election. They think that harassing the opposition will win them the elections. They think that having PDRM, the Judiciary and all government machinery's do their bidding will win them the elections.

This is the situation we are now in. The people have been good citizens. The BN government have not been a good government!

We the people, over 20 million of us in Malaysia, should now say enough is enough.We know we can do this and this UMNO/BN government knows that we can. That is why they are now running around like a chicken without a head – knowing that for now they can still run around squawking and flapping their wings not knowing what is happening to them but very soon a chicken without a head will die!

And this UMNO/BN government will die. We have already cut off their head at the 12th general elections –now all we need to do is form a circle, stand behind the line and wait for them to die.

But is Pakatan Rakyat doing that? Each of us will have our own opinion to this. What Pakatan Rakyat need to understand is that in the end it is the people, in their millions, that will decide. I am but one of them. The hundreds that have taken the trouble to vent their anger and heap insults on me for my stand on DSAI are also in these numbers….but in the main it is really the critical mass out there in boleh land that has to be convinced. If you are of the opinion that most of them are sane, rational and right thinking people them you must surely do the right thing by them if you want their votes.

You do the right thing by doing what you said you will do:

·     Transparent and genuine democracy
·     Driving a high performance, sustainable and 
      equitable economy
·     Social justice and human development
·     Federal-State relationship and foreign policy

Do this and the people will vote for you. Be true to your creed in all that you do for we are ever vigilant of everything that you do. We have not had our rubbish collected since Mahathir’s time. If we even think that Pakatan Rakyat might do the same thing to us….do you think the people will vote for you?


  1. What I hoped for 5 years ago seem to come true progressively.

    That support for MCA, MIC and other coalition partners of Umno will be eroded so that Umno will be isolated. Their support is largely due to the ability of BN in dishing out inflated contracts which supported their warlords and financed their election campaigns. So long as there are people willing to make money regardless of principles, it will work. BN needs corruption which is why they are unwilling to clean up.

    That there will come a time when Umno's racist policies will not be acceptable by a majority of people so that people will actually be ashamed of being associated with the party as in being uncool or politically incorrect. Why it was allowed to continue for so long makes us wonder. The power of Umno is so pervasive that it takes a long time to undo or remove.

    The last election was good in that it made people realize their capability in making changes. It also made Umno realize that they are not invincible.

    The next stage might not be smooth as it might involve Umno being a sore loser. Only sore losers will create troubles not new winners if Pakatan could make it at the next election. We have already seen how Penang and Selangor state governments have had to deal with sabotage and not constructive criticisms. Federal power involves the army and police, so we can imagine how difficult it is going to be if they are not independent.

  2. We need to dispose of the festering rubish soon. For this, Malaysians must break free of the feudal mentality of grovelling before their public servants - political and civil. They must kick kleptocrat terrorists in the teeth whenever necessary. They must squish the dangeous vermin who sow hate and fear through race and religion to distract from the plunder of public wealth.

  3. "The policeman will not take bribes if his superior is standing beside him".

    Now, that I differs.

  4. Come to think of it,even if we managed to convince the rakyats to change the goverment and we suceeded,what about their mentallity towards the RAJA,did we all realise that Malaysian is crazy about their RAJA,did we all realise that our neo-feudal attitude towards our RAJA is stopping us from moving fowards,maybe a small minority,yes but the rest, I can honestly say is still stuck with the old mindset that come rain or shine,whatever RAJA says goes and most of the time,a statement from this group of so called RAJA is normally idiotic but yet we the rakyats will just go along with their stupidity.So with that as a reason whether is is BN or PR,will there be hope for any different in the style of governing??????