Sunday 31 July 2011

Cakap cakap....GOD

Steadyaku47 comment:

It is not often that I comment on what people write me. This morning I choose to make an exception to what I normally do. In my posting “My Mind Wanders….”  my end line is this “I am at peace with myself. Leave me alone”. And still some people do not understand what I say…and so I am going to take this matter a bit further here:  

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My mind wanders...":

When was the last time that you visited your father's and mother's grave?

What business is it of yours when I do or do not visit my parents grave? Why, do you get points to go to heaven or hell whenever I do or do not visit my parents grave?

As a good son when was the last time that you prayed and asked God to send your beloved parents to heaven?

Please, as I have said in my posting…worry about your parents – whether they are living or dead. Do not carry the weight of others on your shoulders…each and everyone of us have enough on our plate without being our brother’s keeper.

You didn't see the air you breathe but it is there. Without it you die. When was the last time you said thank you God for the air I breathe.

Do I say thank you to God for the tsunami, for the earthquakes for the floods that kills so many people? Or do I just thank him for the good things? He does not take responsibility for the bad things that happens to us? Those who lose their children to illness or accidents, those who lose their parents or their love ones way before their time? Who is responsible for these “bad” things? And please do not say that thing happens for a reasons and we will know what the reasons are in time! There is no reason why so many good people die young – no reason at all. No reason why thousand have to die in earthquakes and tsunamis…. and more relevant to me, there is no reason why my late mother  - who prays five times a day and has never been heard to say a bad word about any body (including me the black sheep of the family!) have to have to die before her time of a brain tumor!  

When was the last time you thank God for the eyes you can see with?

I will thank him for my eyes with which I can see when he explains to me why is it that there are people who have eyes but cannot see. Have ears but cannot hear! Why there are so many people who have a mouth but cannot speak…and why there are people with brains but cannot think!

When was the list time you thank God for the hearing that he has given you?
Ditto see above!

The list goes on... and it is all for FREE.
And yet God never ask anything back from you. He said sien, you are responsible for your own life. He said sien, you are allowed to go to heaven or hell in your very own way.

If you say that he never asks anything back from me then why do you ask me to pray to him so that my parents can go to heaven? Why must I give thanks to him for the air that I breath, for the eyes with which I can see and the ears with which I can hear? My parents gave me life and brought me up until I could take care of myself and they never ever ask me for anything in return. Now that is what is meant by “Not asking for anything back!” – if my parents insists that I worship them for what they have done for me, insists that everyday I must remember them in my prayers and insists that I do this and do that ….then it will be just a matter of time before I start to get fed up of their demands  to always be grateful for what they have done for me. 

I am grateful for what my parents have done to me….and I try to do the same to my own children…and they to theirs. That is how it should work. God has made us  - this I agree but then it is up to us to live our lives the best way we can. God is no longer responsible for the person we have become ..… because if he is then he is responsible for all the bad things that happens in our world…not only the good.

Don't blame God when you woke up one day and find yourself in hell!

First of all I will not know Hell from Heaven because there there has never been anyone who has been to either place and came back to tell us what it was like!

And I will never blame God for anything. 


It is time each and everyone of us take that responsibility and face up to living life the best way we can. If you want to do good to others good for you. If you want to do evil then there are the laws in the land to take care of you…..and if you want to trade on what you think God is then you become a priest, an ulama or whatever it is these religious people are called and you can go about doing God's work and get paid for doing so as that is the way  you earn your living…but count me out! 

I can take care of myself! I do not need for anybody to tell me to pray five times a day, to fast during Ramadan, to believe in the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost or the teachings of Buddha or any other religion. I can think and I take for myself what I think is right from anything out there and live my life by my own common sense. So please…once again…leave me alone....go take care of your own affairs. From what I am told and from what I see around me going to heaven takes a hell of a lot of focus on what you have to do and leave me alone.   


  1. Whatever it is Tok Sein, selamat berpuasa semoga Allah s.w.t memberi kekuatan untuk menempuhi bulan Ramadan al Mubarak ini dengan penuh ketaqwaan dan keimanan.

  2. Pak Steady

    I agreed with you

    My relationship with God is personal

  3. Steady! heheheehehe chill brother... standard la orang Melayu... lu kutuk gua gua kutuk lu. Biasa la... lu tolong gua gua tolong lu.
    Selamat Ramadan dan selamat bertadarus. Kita tak tahu apa pun hanya ALLAH yang mengetahui segala gala nya.

  4. Semuga kita semua di cucuri rahmat dan hidayah oleh Allah swt. Ramadhan kareem.

  5. uncle husin,ini lah akibat kita kutok dsai org lain kutok kita,lain kali kunci mulut uncle dan ingat Allah.amen

  6. That straight from the heart article should be read by all those so called learned people be it learned muslim,christian,hindu or any religion for that matter so as to make them realize that imposing what one belief on others is not the thing to do,it is their choice to choose what they think is good and suit them........ may this Ramadan brings goodness to all.

  7. While your mind wanders bro... I strongly recommend that you read this book: Distorted Imagination by Sardar and Davies.

    The contents of the book are as follows:
    Post Modern Blues
    The Fire of Secularism
    The Images of Ignorance
    Enter The Brown Sahib
    The Legacy of Muslim History
    The Other Side of Midnight
    Deconstructing Satan
    Megalomaniacs, Mullahs and The Media
    The Limits of Forbearance
    The End of Civilization

    This book is for all individuals who want to assure a future for everyone from all nations in our multi-ethnic, multicultural societies.

    Out of curiosity, have read The Satanic Verses?

  8. Hi Guys...some ask me to chill, some wish me selamat berpuasa, some say our relationship with God is personal, some still say that God will punish me...and one even ask if I have read "The Satanic Verses" (no I have not!)....many thanks to all of you....but as Shuk said, this came straight from my heart...nothing less and nothing more. At 64 I am settled in my ways and trying to reach that 100 years old mark....and as I have said far so good!

  9. Well Tok Sein, it's never too to repent and change. However personal religion is, we as Muslims shall have to remind each other. Selamat berpuasa Tok Sein

  10. Dear Pak Hussein, may the blessing of Ramadhan Al Mubarak be with u n famil. Wassalamu 'alaikum

  11. Excellent response Pak Hussein.

  12. Sir,

    Tak jaga tepi kain orang, bukan Melayu namanya.

    Looking forward to join you ->100yrs.

  13. ahhhh suci dlm make me smile.....

  14. Selamat berpuasa Tok Sein.

  15. It took the indian prince sitting under the durian tree for 8 years to become enlightened.
    Today with a click of a mouse we can too be enlightened in seconds. God is not in the equation.A belief in the almighty is a personal choice.