Wednesday 27 July 2011

DSAI and Sodomy Three

Most times I shake my head in wonderment at the gullibility of men…and women. I am an equal opportunity kind of guy – men and women have equal rights to being gullible. No gender bias here! The defining criteria that elevates you from being a moron to being a “thinking” being is the ability to comprehend what is being said to you. Most dogs understand “SIT”, “STAY” and even, though albeit reluctantly “NO”. Now there are people out there who has taken the trouble to visit my blog (for that I am grateful!) in order to agree to disagree with what I put in the public domain. What I disagree is the disagreeable way they choose to disagree with me. I tend to measure others by the manner I measure myself. Let me explain.

When I am surfing the net I will only linger to read anything if the first few lines agree with me. If I continue to read something that disagree with me I do so because I want to see whether what is being said will move me to have a different perspective of the issue at hand. Sometimes it does and if it moves me I will write to say so. If it does not then I take it as “lesson learnt.” The feed back I get these last few weeks from my writings on DSAI has some defining characteristics. In the main they are abusive, eloquent in their description of my private and public persona and firm in their desire to die not for country, bangsa and religion…but for DSAI! Good for DSAI bad for me!

Let us not dwell to much on me…I am the messenger not the story. And the story that needs to be told is one that most of us already know. We know and yet we are hoping against hope that DSAI is not the person most of us already know he is!

But a few truths about me and I will try to say this in plain language so that what I said will not be construed (opps I better use a simpler word here)…so that what I said will not be misinterpreted as being something else.

First: I have never ever received a single ringgit from UMNO/BN to write what I write. Now some of you will interpret that as me confessing that I did received a few cents NOT exceeding one ringgit from UMNO/BN – I will leave that to the imagination of others to interpret if that is what I intended to convey!

Second: I support Pakatan Rakyat. I think this is simple enough to understand ……I repeat “I support Pakatan Rakyat”. Now again if anyone is going to interpret this as me covertly supporting UMNO/BN because I am silent on this matter – then do so.    

Thirdly: Re MT posting of my “Cakap Cakap DSAI” yesterday the caption of DSAI and that slimy Datuk is their work, not mine. I have no such caption in the posting on my blog!

Fourth: There have been serious suggestions from some of you that I should go to “Hell” or “Neraka”. Will those of you that know the way there please forward me directions. It might come in handy should I get the urge to visit them there myself!

Fifth: I write “in the moment”  but that does not mean that I cannot back what I write with facts. Let me be clear on one thing. Am I accusing DSAI of sodomy three?. Yes! Where we go from here will be a decision I and I alone will make. End of story.   


  1. Keep up the good work, mate. The main problem with Malaysian politics is the hypocrisy of the political leaders and there's nothing worse than a hypocrite using religion to acquire power.
    I'm a staunch supporter of PR but I don't want it to be wasted by anwar.

  2. Say whatever you like but please dont forget the 5 starving children and their mother

  3. So you all supporters of PR because u have seen the `kotor' of BN, but dont want Anwar to be part of it. Who do u think got PR together? U think he just stand there with his black eye and PR was formed? Who do u think nite after nite, go here go there trying to convince people? U think easy go to kampong when video tape playing abt him? And yet he goes. You think easy to get Hadi and Kit Siang to sit at same table. Try it and see. Easylah for us to sit behind computer and criticise this, criticise that. You all talk much, do cannot

  4. Hey kawan, just because you say that you are a PR supporter doesn't make you one and just because you claim that BN doesn't pay you doesn't mean that you didn't get paid for writing this article. But that is just my opinion which i am entitled to just as you are! No I don't believed that DSAI did that asshole! Wake up baby! Can't you assess from all the evidence available to us..Clearly enough for us to create a solid case...

  5. The more you persist proves in a way that you are indeed on umno payroll to do as much damage through insinuations as is possible. You sound, write and intend like umno, mercenary though you are.

  6. Nobody can complain if you accuse Anwar of sodomy 3 or sodomy 4..or whatever lah. But please lahhhh...get the evidences like what MCA got on Chuah Soi Lek...and not the kind of evidences that Umno produced in Sodomy 1 and 2. It doesn't pass even 50% of the standard of the English justice of 'prove beyond reasonable' doubt. Probably it passed the malaysian standard...which is the Umno standard; that one is guilty as charged by Umno unless you prove yr innocence.

    I feel like vomiting lah if you produce the kind of evidences like what Umno did in Sodomy 1 & 2.

    I for one doesn't give a damn about Anwar and whether he will be convicted or not. But don't take us for a ride.

    My advice to you...hit Anwar for all I care..but leave this sodomy or sex video thing lah. You will look so despicable. are residing overseas, are you?

  7. If you have solid and concrete evidence of sodomy 3 please do come forward by all means.

  8. hein,kalau SB nak fix dsai dah lama dsai kena.they can plant all the sopsicated cameras in the room and fix dsai.why didnt they do it cos dsai didnt do it,as simple as that.before saifol commenced the scenario he got tunjok ajar from the SB.why not fix all the cameras in the room.even dtk t also didnt do a good camera setup and the video is tipu all along semua tipu.only people like u and fmzam believe in this nonsense becos both of u are bodoh melayau

  9. uncle sen,saya tidak tahu uncle ada 5 anak dan 1 atau 2 isteri(orang puteh dan melayu) dan sebab tu lah uncle perlu fulus untok hidup di australia.sangup uncle fitnah geng lama sebab nak cari fulus,neraka uncle pergi nanti,amen

  10. You claim you support PR but remember this-without DSAI there would be no Pakatan Rakyat today. There would be just 3 parties fighting over the crumbs left from BN. Without him the 2008 opposition gains would not have happened. That is why DSAI is now the biggest threat to BN. That is why all the UMNO cyber-troopers and running dogs are out for him. Go to any website, any blog, when there is news about DSAI or PKR, the UMNO cyber-troopers will appear at the comments at the bottom accusing him of all manners of sins.Blogs are set up whose purpose is just that.The fact they are paid to do only that and nothing else says a lot.You Sir despite what you say is one of them.Shame on you.

  11. The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide. In this sense, truth, even if it does not prevail in public, possesses an ineradicable primacy over all falsehoods.

  12. A lot of angry comments here. A lot of angry people. I was not an Anwar supporter because of what he did when he was in UMNO. But when he said that this country is for everyone not only the Malays, I stood up to support him. I still do.

    I do not get angry with people who say ill about Anwar. Do we not go around saying all those nasty things about UMNOputras? I do.

    Give and take lah brudder. Hit back with evidence and we all love to see that!

  13. Sein, you support Pakatan Rakyat?
    Tell you the truth, we can do without your support.
    Walau pun you menyalak macam anjing gila di sana ( Adelaide )buat apa ?
    You bukan berani balek mengundi !
    Its the vote that counts, ngok!

    Dah masak nasi dagang macam FMZam ajar ?

  14. Hi there,
    I am a foreign national,would not like to make a comment on local politics.
    If you are a investigative journalist might be responding to my Email and getting together would be a great help to you and your Blog.Be a positive and respond me.
    What have you got to loose?

  15. Sudah la husin. Pariah mcm kau bersepah di Chow Kit sana. Once a bastard always a bastard

  16. There can be sodomy 3,4 or 10 if the story lines are the same, they will only help to strengthen peoples' faith in Anwar to lead the takeover of this corrupt government. It does not matter who will lead the PR government eventually but right now Anwar is leading us to a better future and we need all the support there is.

    You Hussein, if you support PR then help the cause by writing what it takes to win over the voters. If you choose to continue what you are writing now, you are actually destroying that dream and how many times you can say about being a PR supporter, you will be seen as part of that corrupt BN which will do anything to remain in power. They are one and with you there are two...remember that.

  17. I believe Hussein with all my heart. I believe Anwar what Hussein said he is and I believe Hussein what he said he is. I believe a man who has devoted his life and, in his way he has committed his wife, daughter, son-in-law and his grandchildren, and even his late cat of 12 years, into his bandwagon, journeying with him under the banner of opposition and Pakatan. And I admire Hussein's courage to denounce Anwar and he didn't budge under pressure against all odds from all you Anwar Cult members, because he has no more fear and no one else is braver than him to do what a man has to do.

    Why is Anwar is so damn important to all you Anwarcentrics that Hussein is not, is because you believe in Anwar, not in Pakatan, that's why to you without Anwar there would have never been Pakatan. All your talks are Anwar, all Hussein's talks are Pakatan, that's why Hussein has to do what he has to do, to talk about Pakatan beyond Anwar, and that idea has been grooming in Pakatan even before Hussein launched the coup in his blog, except that the way he denounced Anwar was very precisely unPakatan that we all learned Hussein has lost his cat of 12 years old at the time he made that blistering post on Anwar.

    Hussein had lost faith in Anwar like many of us but like many of us Hussein had not lost faith in Pakatan. If Hussein loses faith in Pakatan and turns to UMNO, remember, his entire family (and his cat now in heaven) would lose faith in Hussein.

  18. I think where Sodomy 2 is concerned, the issue is NOT whether DSAI sodomised anybody, but whether Saifool was sodomised by DSAI. Based on the so-called 'facts' presented by the prosecution, including having Saifool's cum in his own ass, to charge DSAI under "consensual sex" when Saifool is not charged, leaves the kangaroo court as another international joke. Bear in mind, Sodomy 2 is not about whether DSAI is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

  19. I am not a follower of Steadyaku47, but rather M2D. So, I pick up this article. But to believe sodomy 1, 2 & Video seks is your culture. My culture do not believe in conspiracy and defamation. So, here you are who you are!

  20. I am taking a gallery seat to watch the drama you are directing now. Hopefully, I will not go to sleep.

  21. I am sorry to hear abt your cat. I'm not a cat lover but I feed abt 30 cats in my backyard everyday and have grown attached to them.

  22. Wa rasa baik lu pegi Makkah, solat taubat kat depan Kaabah. Nuff said.

  23. Out of desperation many refused to believe that Anwar is bad medicine.
    He doesn't admit nor acknowledge any wrongdoings he committed while he is a minster/deputy PM. Worst is, he has shown a few times, that Umno is still very much part of him.
    Let them continue with their self denial

  24. Well, if you have the solid evidence produce it in your blog. If not shut up.

    No use to "menfitnahkan another Muslim" by just putting general comments and hope your gullible readers can accept it.

    Perhaps yours may be the last cannons DUMMNO has but could not fire.

    I am not a PKR supporter but I would not support DUMNO either.

    Linkages to a person in the form of MCKK is no use if there is no soul and sincerity in friendship.

    DUMNO has bagfuls of money but no spirit or soul. You may be the last foot soldiers of DUMNO.

    Just because you write does not mean it is true brother !

  25. Hussein, you can continue to write anything you want 'cos its your blog. Since we can access your blog and post comments, we will continue to write our opinions.

    As for me, I continue to read your blog as I find it amusing that a person I initially had high respect is actually not intelligent afterall. Hitting at Anwar without proof is just UMNO's level of intelligence, deep in the drain. Its fun and gives me satisfaction.

  26. Now that you have stated the 1st Truth, my imagination is that Umno would have gotten the hint, and will make enquiries as to how they can contribute towards your cause! This i'm sure.

  27. Dear Abg Hussein,
    I share the same sentiments like you do. I am also a strong supporter of PR but a not fan of Anwar ( I said fan not supporter!!). The only problem with PR is, at the moment, only Anwar can hold them together as there are no 'strong' leaders in PR.

    For me, what I really want is a change in the government. I am fed up of BN/UMNO. It doesn't matter who leads the PR. Be it Hadi, Tok Guru or even LKS. I WANT A CHANGE IN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

    Pls dont be discouraged by all the negative feedback or even 'names' given to you. After following your blog for a long time, I believe your conscience is clear and you're definitely entitled to your own opinion...

  28. sein bodoh,u got bad things to write of dsai just file a police report and go to court to settle the matter.otherwise u are writing in the blog for nothing and u get curse and that may land u in hell and u may die much earlier than the age u want to live ie 110 yrs.sin,u dah nak mampus dah,insaf diri lah

  29. Way to go bro,like fmzam and a few others,I believe you wont bulk under pressure.The most important thing is to let this anwarist realised that PR is more to it than Anwar and to those of you out there please dont say that Anwar is the only one that can bound PR together,it is an insult to PAS and DAP leaders and supporters,we know who we are,we know what we need to do together with or without Anwar to get rid of the corrupt regime and again for the upteenth time, to all anwarist out there please realised that Anwar is not the only one,I repeat,not the only one who can hold PR together.Open your eyes and see what kind of leaders that we have here in PAS and DAP.....

  30. use words like "most of us already know" and "too many people know" to strengthen your arguments.

    But its a lot of buzzwords with no substance I'm afraid. Seems like everything you're typing is just "your opinion" and you even stated as such.

    So don't get all defensive when your words can barely convince yourself. Let's look at the evidence first shall we?

  31. Keep filling the glass, don't let it stop bro. Looking forward to your thought.