Thursday 21 July 2011

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (original version)


  1. Can we go to the South Pole together?

  2. I do not know whether you are a mercenary or pro bono blogger. You said you have to clean squash courts twice a week to keep you going. Life must be tough down under.

    After I have read some of your postings I have to opine that you are not a person who practices what he preaches. You’ve requested TAG not to call you “old man” but yet you called Manghup, (Roof Top Beer Garden Ampang Park), a “really really old” man. What the heck! You’re truly a bugis blogger with false teeth.

    Yes, talks and words do not bother you and do not break your bones either but they do make your “telinga berdesing”. But I may have spoken too soon, because in your next post you may say your doctor has just diagnosed that you’ve got tinnitus. So it doesn’t impact you at all, does it?

    It appears to me you’ve got colitis ulcer and you are also suffering from “istidraj” syndrome. I would advise that you watch your diet. Just stick on little rice, vegetables and fruits and most of important of all just positive thinking for three months. I can guarantee you will be cured and you can see the new energy and enthusiasm in you. Believe me, God blind me if I mislead you.

    Open your eyes and open your heart, go out and let the sun shines in into your heart. Miracles can and do happen, my friend. Take good care and God bless you.

  3. sein,u got an ass hole sickness and that's why u like to kutok anwar,correct sein?

  4. uncle husin,kasihan betul dengar uncle cuci squash court untok cari makan.siapa suroh uncle lari ke negeri org putih,kan di negeri kita senang cari makan,kawan2 uncle ramai di msia.