Tuesday 12 July 2011

Allahyarham Baharuddin Ahmad

How many of you read what we bloggers write and think about what went into the posting of that article? I felt moved by this man who spent his last moments on earth supporting what we all are fighting for. There is no doubt in my mind at all that had the Police acted more humanly Baharudduin would still be alive. But is the Police to be blamed? No..they were following orders. The orders that came from the Home Ministry - from that Din - who got his instructions from the cabinet - the cabinet headed by Najib. The buck stops at Najib!
But he did not think about Baharuddin when he declared Bersih illegal. He did not think about Baharuddin when he ordered PDRM to stop the Bersih activists from coming into KL. He did not think about Baharuddin when he went on his walkabout yesterday in Jln Tunku abdul Rahman and Jln Masjid India. I wish he had. I wish he had taken the trouble to convey his condolence to the family in public and apologize for any excesses by the Police that might have contributed to Baharuddin's death.
If his death was due to a heart attack then that heart attack was brought on by Police actions and Najib is just as guilty as if he was the one who fired the Gas Canister or charged the crowd. But when you are in your car with your first lady, with a police motorcade escorting you and sirens wailing away it is easy to forget Baharuddin. This is a Prime Minister without much compassion for the suffering of fellow Malaysians. Do not forget this when the 13th general election is upon us. 

We have no need for a man like him to be our Prime need for a man who has allowed Allahyarham Baharuddin Ahmad to die with handcuffs on....! Ya ALLAH Ya TUHAN KU....


  1. Died with handcuffs on ...SURE !????

  2. with the policeman knee on his chest. this will haunt him for the rest of his life

  3. is the polisman a muslim !?

  4. Pope : " welcome ALL sinners ! "

  5. mana ada dia meninggal kena handcuffs. jgn terpedaya dgn dolak dalih dsar. aku ada semasa arwah meninggal di hospital. tunggu sampai 3.30 am lg. esoknye aku pergi ke rumah allahyarham. dsar tkde baca apa doa pun. dtg sekejap pastu blah je. mcm org yahudi la dia.

  6. yg kna sesak nafas kna handcuff dpn pudu la..bkn KLCC..tgk youtube tu bleh...pndai2 la analyse