Saturday 30 July 2011

The Two Stooges

There are two leaders at the top of UMNO’s pile of s#*t…two minds without a single intelligent thought to benefit the Rakyat except that of holding on to power! Power at all costs. If it means having to give RM1.1 million financial assistance to seven Chinese schools and an association of former students for a Chinese school in Kedah…… find the money and do it!

The rising cost of living? Introduce a new National Key Result Area (NKRA) to tackle the rising cost of living!  Sounds impressive! Who cares what this NKRA thing is going to do? Pemamdu and the cabinet committee will assist and oversee everything! Problem solved – no more rising cost of living!

And of course our Prime Minister has sounded the clarion call emphasizing that the red, white, blue and yellow of the Jalur Gemilang  reflects the principles to uphold national unity in all situations, to make sacrifices for the nation's progress, to maintain peace and harmony and to portray a strong Malaysian identity. How the f*#ks he can see those principles from those colors simply escapes me.

But that is vintage Najib – he beats Pak Lah hands down when it comes to announcing all those addendum to the nation’s transformation plan! Dear God why did you not tell Najib and Muhyiddin to be present at Merdeka Square on the 7th of April last year when you were giving out brains?....and having Mukriz and Mahathir present would not do us any harm too!


  1. Try imagining the face of RPK and Sein in place of the two stooges. Will it make this country a better place!

  2. It doesn't matter whose faces are in the forefront. What's important is the feeling of responsibility for the rakyat, the duty entrusted to you. Even a king abdicated because he felt he couldnt carry out that responsibilty


  4. To anon,I wonder why you keep coming to steadyaku if you think what hussein wrote is not up to your standard-I certainly think RPK and Hussein will make a better team than those corrupt Umno goon.

  5. Matter of fact, none of you foul mouth Anwarists is qualified to talk about Anwar,none! All you did was onesided blabbering not the least defending Anwar but in a way ridiculing him more than Hussein did. At least Hussein declared he was going against Anwar but yet you Anwarists dragged Anwar more into the picture of a sodomist with words like "Did Anwar fuck your backside ah?" That shows you have no respect for Anwar and I don't need to use my brain to call you fucking bastards.

    Hussein is right and he's never wrong to say PR is having problem having Anwar as the only choice at the moment when what he meant was that we have to have not only Anwar but Anwar together with all of you the fucking bastards.

    I thought Hussein has made his peace with Anwar but you bastards wouldn't want to let him at peace with your continuous ridicules on him. That's why I said you're not Pakatan, you're Pakatan's impostors, your true colors are surfacing now and that colors is very very UMNO!

  6. Steadyaku47, the quintessential armchair critic who seems to know all, because you once lived in England and now lives in grand comfort & loving peace in first world Australia ! Undoubtedly as a privileged Malay College trained Bumiputra you are different when compared to the simple kampung folks in Kpg Raja Al Haj.

    Then again, what can you really contribute today and now to the critical rejuvenation of Malaysia, as of now you are so far away outside the treacherous grip of UMNO gangsters & foibles of PKR, enjoying first world comfort with out-of-the-world loving spouse complete with dubious cutting edge entertainment/gratification with songs & and sexy masturbatory dances from white celebrities galore ?

    When its too good to be true Steadyaku47 it ain't true thats what I have learnt from yesteryear's wisdom.

    Bumiutras like you just cannot be trusted, sad to say ( as is a leopard never changes its spots, Anwar ? LOL ! )

    I hope you do remember when you were so inhumanly annoyed/infantly peeved when your clever readers din want to give you a new laptop. Nuff said

  7. msbery,

    You still harbor that thought about Bumiputeras like us sad to say that you are no better than a racist leopard than we are the unchangeables. If you take us as leopard you can never trust us and yet you are living among us, not as tiger, not as lion but as leopard too, and you have managed to change your spots and called yourself a jaguar the spotless leopard, right?

  8. Hussein,
    You are one lucky fellow man! to be Aussieland.....We ...have two idiots [Well known corrupt scums] to be running the country....Sometimes do we really have a God? The country is in dire straits, filled with those umno pukes robbing the citizens and yet....this daylight robbery is moving on....When can this country be salvage? by whom??????
    Maybe for the poor its a curse to be here in bolehland!