Wednesday 20 July 2011

Ku Li 2011. Minyak dan Hak Negri


  1. Something tells me that this is an effort to distract the people , especially the malays, from the mess umno has got into this past two years and a way for TRH to sneak in into the umno leadership. What we do know from this write up is just a flair of words, sweet nothings, and speeches this Friday, blowing hot and cold. They will go on to another sting of promises of better things to come , committees, high lofty ideals, and a huge lot of time, years in the making, with a caveat that things like these must be allowed to develop over time and cannot be realized overnight. All these need a lot of very good committed intellectuals , committed for the people's benefit onlY, not their own. Where are these people that TRH hopes to enlist ? If there are, why are they not in umno reforming it in the first place? Are they new folks? Where are these new folks, remaining so very quiet when all these dirty politics, murders, colossal corruption, bastardization of govt agencies that has been enlisted to prop up umno in power. If TRH hopes to achieve the above objectives in the new outfit, he should be able to do so from within umno, right? For one thing is real clear, there is a dearth of real good people who will be able to fight for people's civil rights, have the charisma to attract their following and fight selfishly against the power and money that umno yields and swings to swap away any attempt by anyone to form a third force or replace it in governing the country.
    Or have we forgotten the BMF days which saw TRH's hand in wheeling and dealing with public funds through Bank Bumi. Remember there was a death there too.
    Let us ask TRH, what has he to say about the Bersih objectives, and what his umno govt did to the peaceful rally on 9/7/11. If tRH is not in a position to offer his views, when marina mahathir can, why should TRH expect us to listen to him. For this and many other issues that are suspect of , I and many I know of are very skeptical of not just TRH but what RPK has to say about it. RPK is willing to give TRH an opportunity now? Remember what he said of TRH 's role in the disclosures of najib and rosmah involvement in alantulya murder. If TRH is among those who know of issues that are not right and yet keep quiet, are we prepared to give a life time to his prosed Cause from within or without umno.
    FranklY, I believe it is TRH's attempt to break up a firming Opposition in PR and eventually reverting back to umno as a reformed group. Instead o f fightimg for reorming the EC 's fraudulent electoral roles , corruption, bastardization of govt regulartory authorities, Judiciary, AG, enforcement agencies, etc, TRH's sway of words to distract voters appears to be a master grand plan for a greater new umno, with nothing changed b.ut new leaders at very best doing the same things.
    Sometimes , I wonder what RPK is up to? Is he serious about MLCM or what . Or is it that he wants to potray the maverick image but in the process destroy pR chances of forming govt. My trust in this men, TRH and RPK , has vanished . Umno cannot reform. Just look at what extent they go to wrt Sarbani' s murder. Fix up evidences by the police and Macc. Why? Something rawly big is involved. It is not as simple as TRH or RPK makes it out to be. Period

  2. Antony, I thought you've said goodbye to this blog? I am agreeable to what you've written here.


  4. I believe Ku Li is a reasonable man. Too bad he got into evil company.....