Saturday 24 December 2016

How much money can I make today, what do I have to do to make that money again tomorrow and the day after!

8.54 AM here in Melbourne which should make it 5.54 AM in Kuala Lumpur...and who cares what time it is in New York, London or Teheran. I don't. 

For the past three weeks I have have written less articles for steadyaku47 then there are fingers on my left hand (or my right!)...and the daily clicks that registers on my "Overview Stats" have dropped from over 30K daily to below the 10K mark last week. Yesterday it was back to a respectable (in my mind!) 17K. What shall I write, what can I write and what have I to write today? How soon before I get back to the 30K daily clicks I had three weeks ago? 

All this is going through my mind as I take a sip of my Lipton Green Tea taken with a teaspoonful of sugar. 

Why do I bore you with my thoughts this morning? I am sure many of you are saying "Think what you want old man...just write!". And so I shall...and so I shall...but first bear with me just a few more moments. 

Before I sat down at my desk to write this, these thoughts crossed my mind. 

Is Najib Razak already up and performing his Subuh prayers in Putrajaya? What about Kak Mah? Has she started her daily "beauty routine" to make her "presentable" to the world who she thinks is awaiting her presence with much anticipation and reverence? And those many Ministers of State and high public officials that goes up to make the "Najib Administration" in Putrajaya...what about them? Are they all already up at this time of the morning readying themselves to serve King, country and it's Rakyat? The AG and that Tweet of an IGP....what about them? What are all these bastards doing at this time of the morning wherever they are?

Let me share with you my thoughts on this.

For Najib and Kak Mah......their first priority is simple : Make sure that they still be living in Seri Perdana by the end of the day. Everything they do, say or scheme will have that matalamat. As usual, Kak Mah talks and Najib listens. How many more millions can be added to their coffers? Who else out there need to be "kautim" to stay on side and who else out there are now a threat to their political survival? Can Zahid still be trusted? What about Mahathir? What has the old man done now to make life more difficult for them? 

And so these two plot and scheme to lie, scam and swindle our nation, our people and our future out of every single cent they can lay their hands on to satisfy their greed. 

The Ministers of State in Cabinet.....they all know what to do! Yes Sir Yes Sir, Three Bags Full Sir!

The AG and IGP are the most despicable of the lot! I will not even venture to give them any more lines here than is necessary except to say "Harpkan Pagar Pagar Makan Padi".   

Every morning each and every one of these despicable high public officials, ministers and that prime minister and wife of his.... and all those other despicable people responsible for keeping these thieves, robbers and rogues in public office and who also have their hands outstretched and waiting for their share of the dedak.....all of them will start their morning with the same thought : How much money can I make today, what do I have to do to make that money again tomorrow and the day after!

So while you and I wake up each morning with our thoughts, cast your mind to what is being talked about over breakfast in Seri Perdana between that most despicable of couples. Think about what all those high public officials are scheming and plotting to further enrich themselves by stealing our money......and then ask yourself what you want to do with them once this nation of ours gets back it's sanity, once we have back in government politicians who understand that their duty is to serve us and not serve themselves...and of course once there is in place an AG and an IGP who understand their duty and responsibility is to King, country and to all Malaysians.

Until them....I will spend my mornings and many hours of the day, working on steadyaku47 and thinking of what I must write so that we will be rid of these despicable people who do government in our name but for their own personal gain!

What will you do?

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