Tuesday 6 December 2016

Mamat Karim....cakap cakap.

I have an older cousin....much much older than me....who also has an FB page and we keep in touch through social media. The last I heard was that he is somewhere living in Kajang...  or KL....and before this he was in Kuala Pilah. they say, have car will travel. Like me, Mamat was spared the tedious efforts you need to expand to pass exams.  After Form Five (in his case) and HSC (in mine) we focussed more on life than in any further studies. Here is the latest exchange between Mamat and me on FB this morning.....just sharing aja!

Page 18 of today's Star under 'Focus'. PM's enthusiastic perhimpunan jalanan 'Solidarity for Rohingya' shows immaturity of diplomacy. Guess he was riding on the self perceived acclaimation of success in the recent general assembly.

Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Mohamad Abdul Karim...Mat where the hell did you come up with that phrase "self perceived acclaimation of success" ? Aku pass HSC and that is a bit tinggi daripada your Form Five (I think....) and I also went to London for further studies....ya lah aku tak pass anything in London but a lot of "speaking" my question is the hell do you come up with those kind of phrases.....I am impressed! Aisehman aku kena respect lah! Tabek cousin.
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Mohamad Abdul Karim
Mohamad Abdul Karim Off the back of my head bagus aje...😁😆😨

Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Mohamad Abdul Karim Mat the last time I looked, there is not much hair at the back of your camna?


Safiah Mustafa i can't help laughing at the two of you nih... gosh..

Safiah Mustafa
Safiah Mustafa moral of the story.. no need to go to London .. Malaysia sini pun boleh... haha
Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Safiah Mustafa These days the senior uncles (Mat and me lah!) are figures of fun and laughter for the younger ones (Safiah lah)....such is life!

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