Saturday 31 December 2016

Without our support these political bastards are nothing! I repeat...they are NOTHING!

Contrary to what you may believe or have heard, the corrupt rich, do sleep soundly at night. 

The don't choke on the rich food they eat. 

They believe devoutly that they are blessed by ALLAH. The same ALLAH who has bestowed so much riches upon them.  

Day by day they continue to have more "pahla" heaped upon themselves by each "religious" duty they do in the name of Islam....with each doa and reading of the Koran that people "sedekah" to them. And with each pilgrimage to Mecca their place in the hereafter is a "done deal". 

They feel no guilt in having millions that they have never earned. They feel no "dosa" that the money they have are the proceeds of scams, plunder or pillaging of other people's hard earned cash or have been stolen from the nation's coffers

So please....stop asking ALLAH to make them see the evil of their ways. Stop asking ALLAH to make then "insaf" and see the wrong that they do to satisfy their greed. Stop beeseeching ALLAH to punish them and stop thinking that their place in "Neraka" has already been  ordained and that nothing will save them from "Neraka". 

Here is the reality. 

Your prayers will not change anything. Najib and Rosmah already have their billions. All the others who have partaken in the dedak that Najib throws their way are already rich beyond their belief and for their good fortune they have already, in their own way, given thanks to ALLAH. 

You, in your daily prayers, piously beseech ALLAH to punish all those corrupt politicians. At the same time, after their prayers, these same corrupt politicians are thanking ALLAH for their good fortune....and so far they seem to be way ahead in getting their message to ALLAH. 

And PAS believe that they are the chosen one to do ALLAH's work on this earth. and if dedak comes their way, it is ALLAH's will that has made it happened.

If ALLAH is already on Umno's side, if ALLAH has already bestowed upon Umno over 6 decades of political power, how can anyone make Umno believe that things will be different in the next general election? Why would ALLAH not bless them again this time around?

If you can follow my argument so may be able to understand what it is that the opposition is up against. For Umno, ALLAH have already bless them with political power and the spoils that goes with political power. Anything that happens in Malaysia is because ALLAH has ordained that it should be so. Everything....including 1MDB, that RM2.6 billion donation, Hermes, Anwar's incarceration, Muhyiddin's expulsion,GST. All are ALLAH's doing.  

Umno will not confront the frightening reality that they are in serious trouble - that the next PRU may see them lose political power in Malaysia.        

For Umno, if the Malays are now against Umno it is because the Malays "mudah lupa".

If Mahathir and Mahyuddin are now working against Umno it is because they too "mudah lupa" and are not grateful for what Umno has done for them.

So how do you make Umno believe otherwise? 

The harsh reality that Umno is now facing dwindling electoral support and the real possibility of a potentially fatal division within it's own rank is not being addressed by the leadership within Umno because their leadership externalise all blame for Umno's precarious position of losing the next PRU to those outside Umno who wants to "destroy" Umno.

For them, there is nothing wrong with Umno, within Umno and about Umno. Hubris totally envelopes Umno within a suffocating reality - one that will surely see their demise sooner rather than later. 

Given enough rope, they will hang themselves! 

But here is the thing that they all seem to forget! Without our support these political bastards are nothing! I repeat...they are NOTHING! Think about this and let us make them understand what we can and will do at the very first opportunity we have. 


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