Monday 26 December 2016

Trouble in PPBM?

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    December 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

    steadyaku47 comment : Lately I have heard that trouble was already brewing within PPBM....nothing that PPBM should not have been able to resolved within PPBM! We who are with the opposition, which includes PPBM, are aware of these "troubles' that is seething just below the surface within PPBM but common sense tells us we should allow PPBM to resolve their internal troubles without making it more difficult for them with our "comments". And this I have endeavour to do until PPBM cannot themselves contain the "troubles" within their four walls. Then comment we must!

    Anina is a case in point. Whatever the merits of her outburst and her decision to use social media to plead her case, let me remind her that in her case, it is PPBM that will decide on what is to be done with her.....not the public. Without fail PPBM must be focused on what has brought PPBM into being : getting rid of Najib Razak and ridding the Malays and Malaysians of Umno. Anything else, including her personal thoughts on what she deserves or do not deserve to be, must be relegated to where it belongs - within the confines of the four walls of PPBM. 

    PPBM has still to get the critical mass of members required to allow itself and us to think that they can give Umno a run for their money at the next PRU. Umno has over 3 million members....PPBM has yet to even secure ten percent of that number as its members.

    PPBM has still to make it's members understand the need to "turun padang" in the rural areas. Yes they are making an attempt to "turun padang" in the kampongs...but "trying" will not win them the electoral support of the rural Malays. PPBM must succeed! 

    Enough said for now. Get Anina into line and make her understand she needs to hush her mouth and get her act together if she is to be of any use to PPBM and to us who want change. If she does not....get rid of her and any one else who think themselves more important than PPBM....or I shall not be quiet for too long! 


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