Friday 23 December 2016

How can anyone like Najib have any balls for China to grab?

I am not one to be bothered about what race one is born into or what religion one care to believe in. These are matters and issues that are, to my mind, intensely personal, at which each and every one of us of sound mind, should be left to our own devices to decide upon. I detest the use of race or religion for any purpose other than to do good....and when self serving politicians with their high and mighty tone of purpose brings race and religion into politics, for whatever reason or purpose, there can only be disgust and contempt within me for what they do. And this disgust and contempt deserves to heaped in bucket loads upon many in Umno...and none is more deserving of this "accolade" than that most despicable of leaders in Umno - Najib Razak. 

Najib would have us believe that the Chinese threat is all around the Malays. From the time in 1987 when Najib as head of Umno Youth, led an emotionally charged rally in Kampong Baru to whip up racial sentiments against the Chinese threat, until as recent as this year's Umno general assemblyy over which Najib Razak presided....the Chinese have always been Umno's and Najib's favorite "whipping boy" to blame for a multitude of sins : For being the head of a government-linked company. For being the head of the Transport Ministry. For having Chinese Schools in a Malay Malaysia. For opposing Hudud because they want the Malay-Muslim people to live in sin.  This will weaken the Malays and eventually allow the Chinese to take over Malaysia. And if the Chinese took over, MARA, FELDA, RISDA AND FELCRA will be no more, and of course, Islam will be ridiculed!

And now for political expedience he would have us believe that our nation's salvation (and his) lies with China!  Yes the same China from where these Malaysian Chinese have come from. How so? Najib is vague on the "how" part but that does not stop him from initiating the CHINAFICATION of our nation.

As you and I know, nothing of this magnitude...of any magnitude....happens in Malaysia without the say so of the prime common sense tells us that Najib is into these happenings with China hook, line and sinker. 

Now here is the question that needs to be answered by some one...any one! What is there in all this for Najib Razak?

He has already use the "Arab" card to explain the RM2.6 billion donation. He has used the "I do not know what I am signing" card for 1MDB. He is already a "person of interest" (that is code for saying the police wants to talk to you!) in many countries and soon he will be a "personae non grata"/ fugitive  and a person of much interest in America. So with the sizable "financial problems" that he and 1MDB has got....where else can Najib and 1MDB go but to China for their "Get Out of Jail" card, for more dedak and other "help"?

It will be "interesting" to see how Najib can explain to those idiots in Umno how China is NOT a threat to the Malays but the Chinese in Malaysia are! Anybody with the ability to think can understand that the most effective manner any country can control another country without actually going to war with that country, is through economic means. Already the Chinafication of Malaysia has begun in earnest and the above images is merely part of the story.

Najib insists that the Saudi donated RM2.6 billion with no strings attached. The Saudis have been known to do some weird things...and that RM2.6 billion they "donated" to Najib will rank among the top three of these "weird" thing that any Royal Saudi has done. 

China does not do weird things. China does not donate anything. China may deal with the prime minister of Malaysia but China will certainly not deal with Kak Mah aka the Flying Hippo aka The First Lady of Malaysia. What China is in the process of doing is to grab Najib's by his balls....for China knows that once you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind will follow suit.

What is Najib doing right now?

He has already unzipped his trousers by going to China to sign those 14 Agreements worth RM144billion. And since there there have been other deals with China and his balls are hanging out invitingly for China to grab!

What do you think China will do now? Your guess is as good as mine....but are those balls of Najib hanging out of his trousers merely an illusion or are they real? 

How can anyone who kowtow to his wife. 

How can anyone who have again and again proved himself to be a coward when face with adversity of any sort 

How can anyone unwilling and unable to face any rival on a level playing field. 

How can anyone like Najib have any balls?


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