Saturday 17 December 2016

Bumi Putera Me? : Cakap he/she sees it!

Bumi Putera Me? 

All i want to do to these two would make the fate of saddam and ghaddafi pleasurable....what about you? What do you want to do to najib and that bitch?Hussein Abdul Hamid

I want and wish the same fate on these two scumbags. Sadly it won't happen in Malaysia for unlike Iraq/Libya where there were western OIL interests and the citizens were ALL muslims and IRAQIs and Libyans, Malaysia is a Multi-racial society where corrupt UMNO Muslims hold all POLITICAL power and that for 59 years and is a Democracy in name only where all 4 pillars of DEMOCRACY are NEUTRALIZED and LAWS are enforced by the GOMEN Mafia and sanctioned by the COURTS.

In short MALAYSIA is a FAILED STATE run by a UMNO DON of the RAZAK Family with a TASTE of HIGH LIFE and to stay in POWER the UMNO DON has the MALAYSIAN TREASURY to LOOT and MONEY buys POWER and this FUCKED UP UMNO DON has both POLITICAL and MONEY POWER.

MALAYSIA is UTTERLY and trully FUCKED and without Malaysia becoming BANKRUPT, the MALAY/MUSLIM Majority SUFFERING WHOLESALE, nothing will happen.

It will be SEMUA OK, another day and another day and the wholescale LOOTING and RAPING will continue and anyone who speaks or raises a voice, the UMNO MAFIA soldiers will make life hell for them so they never speak again.

Without a REVOLUTION and that too one started by MUSLIM/MALAYS against the UMNO MAFIA and I don't think it can/will happen at the GE-14 Ballot Box.

It will have to be the NON UMNO MALAY/MUSLIMS who need to RISE up and SAY Enough is ENOUGH. They need to have an UMNO Anti-Virus . The MOTHER FUCKING MCA/MIC who were supposed TO keep UMNO in the ALLIANCE have SOLD their CHINESE/INDIAN communities WHOLESALE and have become UMNO parasites and gone ON to suck the BLOOD of their OWN Communities for their OWN PERSONAL GAIN.

UMNO/MCA/MIC you are VIRUS that is DESTROYING Malaysia and before it Destroys Malaysia , We MUSLIM/MALAYS who are non-UMNO together with all Malaysian's (CHINESE/INDIAN's?LAIN LIAN) of other races and religions are inoculating ourselves with an UMNO/BN ANTI-VIRUS which is still work-in-progress. 

Only a revolution (work-in-progress) will remove all power from UMNO as a MALAY supremacist party and MALAYSIA NEEDS needs to be FREE and again a multi-racial Malay Majority Muslim Democratic Country like what the BRITISH thought it should have been when they ALLIANCE party led under Tengku Abdul Rahman (BAPA MALAYSIA) when MALAYA got it's INDEPENDENCE on 31st August 1957 was supposed to REMAIN.

These UMNO FUCK's and the currently UMNO Mafia BOSS who has self-elevated himself to an EMPEROR status , the despicable RAZAK @ MO1 and his equally despicable consort (EMPRESS) FLOM@MANSOR has placed the Federal Consitituion of Malaysia in on of her FLOM@MANSOR BELKIN handbags and not know which which one.

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which came into force in 1957, is the supreme law of Malaysia. ... The Constitution establishes the Federation as a constitutional monarchy having the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the Head of State whose roles are largely ceremonial.

The UMNO Mafia DON now gives no SHIT about The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which came into force in 1957, is the supreme law of Malaysia and that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the Head of State and nowing his roles are largely ceremonial makes himself the POWERFUL UMNO Mafia DON the EMPEROR , the new in 2016 , Yang di-Pertuan EMPEROR.



I see on wall the country slowly getting destroyed and it is on a self-destruct mode.

The Majority dominate race has been told by the RULING emperor's they need crutches and when these ruler's suck the country resources dry and the Nation is brought to it's knees.

It is they the RED, the DUMBNO leeches who profess to champion the Dominant/Majority race who will suffer the most when the Daily Fish ration runs out and they don't know how to fish.

The lain lain are getting more and more hardy for they can see the writing on the wall, they too will suffer as a result of this and pass kleptocrats but they will be deal with the pain.

It is the RED & DUMBNO who will suffer and I won't be surprised that they will be pushed to a point where they will be baying for blood. Question is ' whose blood will it be ? 

The already suffering Minorities as part of the legalized Racism or is the blood of their own kind , the kleptrocrat who in the name of the dominant race LOOTED and RAPED their country and RACE for their own gratifications and LUST for MONEY and HIGH LIFE.

I apologize to all reader's for my comment is not directed to anyone on a personal level. I simply made my comment on how I see things. If your are offended, then I will politely tell you to go FUCK yourself for you are a FUCKTARD I don't have the time to engage or wish to deal with you and rebut what I commented or said. 

Happy New Year all 2017. Same shit different years, have seen it always and will see it in coming years to come.
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