Saturday 31 December 2016

Keep steadyaku47 steady!

Malaysia is ours to change. 

I started steadyaku47 in 2009. After 9000 postings, 11.3 million clicks and now averaging 20K daily clicks, I have a few stories to tell about blogging. Not all of them good. Not all of them bad. 

First let me tell you why I blog. 

Simply said, I have something to say about how politics is done in Malaysia. This blog is where I articulate my thoughts and share it with friends and any one else who stop by to read what I write. The good and bad of what I do in steadyaku47 is for you to decide. I just write - day in and day out, I just write.  

In 2017 I want to do more. 

To do this I need to have the resources to do so. Time, effort and money. Time and effort I can give but money I do not have. Despite what you all may have heard, we bloggers do not write for money nor do any one give us money to blog unless we ask. So I am asking. 

To keep this blog the way it is now and continue to do better, I need help. Help from people who can keep this blog free from any technical problems, glitches or issues that crops up every now and then. I need help from people to whom I can delegate to do research and source for data and information I can use in my writing. I want my son to assist me in putting this blog out daily.  I want to take steadyaku47 to the next level - an interactive website that can do more that what this blog can do now. 

All this needs financial resources. Can you help?

My new email is :

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