Monday 26 December 2016

cakap cakap...a walking stick for a present!

Yesterday my son gave me a cane...a walking stick. 

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No it was not a Christmas present...he gave me a walking stick because my gout and my Hernia have, at times, made walking a difficult proposition for me....and I have always asked to use his collapsible camera tripod as a walking aid. So he went out and got me that walking stick. You can read what you want into the fact that he gave it to me on Christmas day...but I am not going to get any Mufti, Jakim or Jawi hot and bothered by saying that it was a Christmas present....not that I care what any of them do think about what it was or what it was not!

Anyway...I now have a walking stick. 

Now can any over 69 old man out there tell me what crossed their mind when someone  gives them a walking stick as a present? I ask because apart from being called "Uncle" and having people in trams insist that I take their seats when they see me standing....getting a walking stick from my son is the first time I receive an "old man" present....and it made me smile as I have finally come of age....old age! So all the oldies out do you graciously say thanks to some one who, in giving you an "old man" present, tells you in no uncertain terms that you are old?  

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