Thursday 22 December 2016

cakap cakap...all is not well on the horizon?

It is 6.31 AM in Melbourne...Thursday morning. 

This morning I was thinking of Sirul Azhar Umar. This guys thinks he will soon be able to be released into the Australian community while his application for a protection visa is given "due consideration" by the Australian Immigration authorities. In my mind there is more hope of Anwar Ibrahim being released tomorrow than of Sirul being released into the Australian community anytime soon.  

This morning I was thinking about PPBM and their chances of making a significant difference to the political scenario should a general election be called in early 2017 by Najib.   If the election is called towards the end of 2017...maybe. If the election is called in the middle of the 2017...not bloody likely. If the election is called in the first quarter of 2017 not all the tea in China will be able to help PPBM give Umno a run for its money.

I was also thinking about the last GE when Anwar, the late TGNA and the late Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang were able to galvanise the critical mass within the Malaysian Rakyat to vote for the opposition. The election year is a week away...and nothing is firing within the ranks of the opposition. Mahathir can only do so much by one is there to take up the slack should the good old doctor falters. 

And of course the New Agong, 1MDB and all the usual things you all also think about, were passing through my mind...and I don't mind telling you guys that there not one blip of hope, or cause for hope, can be seen on the horizon for those who want to think that change can happen in 2017. 

All this when the election year is less that a week away!

Rafizi seems to be getting his act together but you have seen how Najib effectively neutralised Anwar Ibrahim. He will do the same to Rafizi. 

Mahathir is 90 and time is not on his side. It is impossible for me to be enthusiastic about Mahyuddin or anyone else - they all have blood on their hands...they are all, without exception, tainted by their abuse of political power for personal gain. 

Lim Kit Siang still has my respect only because over time, he has been consistent in his convictions and actions but...and it is a small "but"....but his attempts to "Malaysianized DAP" lacks conviction and action.....but he is trying. However, while much can be said about what DAP has done in Penang, there are serious question than can be asked of DAP as to whether they are also going the way of Umno in using political power for the benefit of the few in the upper echelons of DAP leaders. 

So all is doom and gloom?

It looks that way for me....and it will take more that  the release of Anwar Ibrahim (which is not bloody likely to happen for as long as Najib is in Seri Perdana)...before I will change my mind. 

What says you? 


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