Friday 23 December 2016

goozoozjr : Balik Tongsan is no longer unimaginable

steadyaku47 comment : This is goozoozjr comment to my posting of : The Final Solution


The non-Malays and non-Muslims have no future in Malaysia. It was very obvious under Mahathir, and migration was the only solution. Malaysia is going down the same path as Indonesia. Some Chinese remain in Malaysia because they make enough money to compensate for the "inconvenience". Most will invest abroad or send their Children abroad to prepare a retirement home or refuge in later years. If I wasn't accepted by Australia, I would have moved to Singapore, Thailand or China. Balik Tongsan is no longer unimaginable. The Middle Kingdom is making a comeback, although Lee Sien Loong, prime minister of S'pore, may not agree. 
Islam may, in theory, be a religion of peace, but obviously not in practice. Malaysia would have been a wonderful country had Christianity made its way there earlier. Islam does not suit the nature of the Malays who are easy going and are moved by sentiments and not by reasoning. 

The Filipinos are Malays. Same looks, same nature, share common words in their language, but they are fun loving and peaceful as Christians. The same people in the South who are Muslims are waging a religious war because Islam does not allow them to coexist with the infidels, let alone with the different sects. 
The Malays now steal money in huge sums because they do not understand the value of working hard for it. I am sure many will be unable to tell you how many zeros come behind a million and how many millions make a billion. How much must you must spend in a day to use up one billion dollars in twenty years? Without providing for interest and inflation, you need to spend $50 million annually for 20 years! With interest earnings and investments, you just can't help getting richer even if you tried hard not to! 

The only assurance the Chinese may have in Malaysia is the growing political and military influence of China. China owes a very great debt to the Malaysian Chinese who contributed to its economy and helped it to develop and industrialise. I suspect the joint army exercise is to let the Malaysian army know what they are up against. The Chinese government has stated that they will protect the Overseas Chinese.

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