Tuesday 6 December 2016

cakap cakap...of Umno, Perhimpuan Agong and Najib.

For those Umno Malays who have tried to make a stand for good governance, a stand against corruption and money politics, a stand against all the abuse and misuse of political power and failed...and then decided that if you cannot beat them....join them....I can only say that maybe you should have tried harder.

Among these people I can put Sharir Abdul Samad when he resigned as chairman of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club "to maintain the integrity of parliamentarians and Parliament" so Sharir says. There was also Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when, as ketua pemuda in the 1997 Umno General Assembly, he spoke out against Mahathir and called out for an end to cronyism and nepotism in the BN government.

There are others but for most of them, including Sharir and Zahid, the spoils of political power and the lure of dedak are just too strong to ignore, and they capitulate.

For those once Umno Malays who are still trying...Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Anwar Ibrahim and a few others....I can only say try harder and  "we are with you!".

The Rakyat, in particular the Malays, are being pulled both ways

Some are on the side of Umno because of their beliefs. Their beliefs that Umno is for the Malays, that Umno is good for Islam....and that as a Malay and Muslim they can do nothing less than to support Umno come what may.

And then there are some among us that have seen enough of bad governance, of corruption, of money politics and of arrogant and self-serving leaders. Whatever the odds, whatever the price, whatever the consequences and whatever the personal sacrifices required...we have decided that enough is enough and we are now prepared to work with anyone, of any religion, of any race, of any political persuasion, to make change possible.

And then there are those who are undecided, unconcerned and not bothered one way or the other as to what will happen to government, to our people, to our nation and to our future. Their numbers are small and we will not concern ourselves with them for there are too few of them to make a difference to matter....and if in the future they are inclined to join our ranks...we will still welcome them.

The prevailing wind favors change. 

America, UK, the Philippine, Indonesia, Burma and in many other countries, corrupt, arrogant leaders whose party have been too long in power are losing elections or are being hounded out of office by their own people whom have grown tired of their excesses.

No greater a barometer of impending change in Malaysia has been demonstrated then at the latest perhimpunan agong umno that ended a few days back. 

In that Assembly, their embattled president, Najib Razak, talked not about the future of the Malays, not about the hope of all Malaysians nor that of our Nation. Instead, Najib Razak was reduced to beseeching ALLAH to bestow HIS blessing upon Umno and by inference, upon himself as it's president.....and just in case ALLAH was not listening to his plea....Najib demanded or should I say begged...for the unwavering support of Umno for himself and for what he was going to do in the name of Umno, for Umno and to Umno .......and that was the sum of his message to the faithfuls in Umno.

No Najib Razak, he says, no future for Umno for the Malays, for Malaysians and for Malaysia. The audacity of this wife of Rosmah Mansor astounds me!

And yet there was no open revolt from Pemuda Umno. No faction within Umno signaled their intentions to bring about change to an Umno's leadership structure riddled with self-serving myopic sycophantic dedak addicts!  No surat terbang, no hastily authored "books" to embarrass Najib, no open dissent and certainly no covert attempts to drive a wedge between Naijb and his deputy

So what was there at the Assembly that one can take to be an indication of things to come for Malaysia, for Umno and for Najib?

What is to come to Umno has been played out many many times in history. The fall of Rome, the fall of great civilizations, the ruin that Hitler inflicted upon his own people and upon his own country and in recent times, if my memory serves me right, almost all the major political parties in the free world, at one time or another, have won great victory at the polls and then invariably sooner or later, found themselves voted out of office or unceremoniously thrown out of political power by the very same people that have given them that political power!  


Because without exception, familiarity breeds contempt.....and when familiarity brings with it religious and racial discord, brings with it arrogant and greedy men and women and causes the destruction of a life we have grown comfortable and familiar with...then what are we to do but dismiss them from our midst! And that is where Umno is now at!

And all this we saw at the Umno Assembly that ended a few days back. 

We saw a political party no longer in touch with the mood and wants of the people. We saw the arrogance of its leaders that thinks themselves the be all and end all of what our people and our nation needed to remain relevant and competitive in an increasingly unforgiving world of sovereign nations all aspiring to be better that others. Umno does not seems to know that they are the very reason why our people and nation are now heading south towards a failed nation, towards economic Armageddon and towards having as our prime minister a man already branded a cheat, a liar, a thief a robber and a pariah to his peers on the world stage. 

All this we know but Umno does not. All this we know is reality but Umno continues to live in a fantasy parallel world that divides "them" from "us". And for that Umno deserves to be politically neutered! 

End of story!

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