Sunday 18 December 2016

Zunar...arrested again. Who says Malaysia is not a Police State?

With thanks to Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

"You are challenging me i would arrest you". This police taikoh keeps saying this to everyone. And he loves to point finger at the members of the public who cared about asking questions. Jimmy Wong was handcuffed for taking photos when Zunar was being arrested. 

Who says Malaysia is not a police state?

steadyaku47 comment : That police taikoh threatening " I will arrest you" is only as "brave" as his superiors will allow him to be! If the instructions given by his superior is to go "slowly slowly" he will also do that.

PDRM and that Tweet of a PIG who is their head, have allowed themselves to be an extension of their political masters. We hold PDRM and that Tweet of a PIG with the same contempt and disgust that we feel for their political masters. The fish rots from the head down....  

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