Sunday 4 December 2016

Are the Police hands tied by "DEDAK" too?

Penang highway shooting: Police say 'Datuk M' a top boss in notorious Gang 24

OCPD Assistant Commandant Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said police were aware of Datuk Ong Teik Kwong's and the gang's illegal activities for some time. PHOTO: THE STAR/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK
GEORGE TOWN (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The Datuk businessman who was shot dead by his bodyguard following an argument, was a top boss in Gang 24, said the police.

OCPD Assistant Commandant Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said police were aware of Datuk Ong Teik Kwong's and the gang's illegal activities for some time.

"We have information that the members were involved in protection rackets but no one has come forward to lodge a police report. The gang is also involved in illegal money lending.
"It is one of 14 secret societies being monitored by us. We have a list of the members and know their movements," he said when contacted on Saturday (Dec 3).

steadyaku47 comment :  Phew!.......just for a moment I thought that the PIG (Police Inspector General) and his men were sleeping on the job.

You cannot blame has been known to happen before. 

But this time, according to OCPD Mior the police were aware that the dead Datuk was a top boss in Gang 24. Good one are on the ball! 

Tapi Mior, boleh tolong explain why you need some one to lodge a police report before you take that Datuk and the other members of his gang into remand for questioning and further investigation....and maybe even arrest them ?  

You tell us that they are involved in protection rackets, illegal money lending and other illegal have a list of their members and know their you mean to tell me that you knowingly allowed them to go about doing these illegal activities because no one lodge a police report?

What happened to the police taking the initiative to stop a crime BEFORE it happens? 

Are your hands tied by "dedak"?
Aisehman why like this? You pulled in Rafizi, Tony Pua, Maria Chin, Nurrul....and a host of other opposition leaders for questioning and put them on remand...... and none of them....I repeat NONE OF THEM.....were involved in any protection rackets, any illegal activities  or illegal money lending....??? So how? 

And if you have knowledge that this Datuk is the top boss of Gang 24 do you not think it is your duty to inform which ever bloody Sultan who conferred the Datukship on the top boss of gang 24 to withdraw the datukship from him and return to that top boss any dedak given to the Sultan by the top boss as a donation for awarding the datukship upon him?

Or are you worried that if you do so you yourself, will not be getting your datukship from the same Sultan?

See how complicated things get when you do not do your job properly? 

Have you check whether the gun and bullets used in the killings came from that gunshop belonging to the PIG's daughter?

You must check all this and inform the public that the daughter of the PIG was or was not involve in selling the gun and the bullets to the bodyguard that murdered the Datuk....but maaf am I telling you how to do your job! Who am I to do so?

Well Mior..... for one I am a concern Malaysians who have watched with sorrow, anger and contempt at the manner PDRM has conducted itself under this Khalid PIG. For another my late father was Director of CID under Tun Haniff...and he did served in Penang as HSB (Head of Special Branch)  and I know that my late father would be sad to see how PDRM has now become an object of ridicule and contempt by Malaysians for the manner it has conducted itself in these last few years under this Khalid PIG. 

And you telling us that you need for someone to lodge a police report before you can act against a known top boss and members of gang 24 is ample evidence of the depths that PDRM has now sunk to! 

And a PIG that allows his daughter to trade in guns and bullets that could be used to kill his own officers is more that ample proof that PDRM is now sleeping in the same bed as this corrupt Umno led BN government. 

God help us all!



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