Saturday 24 December 2016

This non-Bumi Putera, non-Muslim, non-Umno Malaysian will simply not shut up!

steadyaku47 comment : Saya share aja but just for the record...saya setuju with his sentiments. F@*K Umno! 

I a Malaysian has / is and forever been a world traveler. 

I through my travels over 40 years been around the globe so many times I have lost track and never bothered to make a list and it is not a boast for it is a fact.

During my travels, I have been to some of the poorest countries of the world. To me it was all OK for I was born POOR in Malaysia and a NON-UMNO citizens and I needed to see an experience what the world is outside Malaysia and I blended in BEAUTIFULLY and my HOST were impresed and were eating out of my hands..

I also have been to some of the RICHEST countries of the world and have stayed in 5 stars hotels one can only dream off and it was paid and financed by my EMPLOYER for I needed to be there and in their corporate world I must live in LUXURY , all CORPORATE Hospitality - sorry I forgot to say I flew 1st and Business Class and was met on arrival and so on.

In short I am a NON-Malay born on 31st August 1957 , I believe I am a BUMIPUTERA and am the son of Malaysia and UMNO/BN Malaysian Gomen has NO damn right to class me otherwise, i.e. give me a NON-Bumiputera simply because I am NOT a MALAY and treat me as a second class Malaysian citizen. 

I have a BIG issue with this. Is a MALAY born on the same day as I superior than I that he / she is a BUMIPUTERA ? simply because he is a MALAY and I am NOT. Why am I NOT a BUMIPUTERA ?

BN/UMNO go FUCK YOURSELF. Maybe, in the NEAR FUTURE, your 59 years RULE will be taken away from you and a LOT of the past atrocities and wrongs will be put RIGHT and you UMNO of the PAST will be made to PAY for your transgressions during your 59 years rule and for labeling me a NON-BUMIPUTERA simply because I am not a MALAY and am a NON-MUSLIM.

I LOVE MALAYSIA and am a SON of MALAYSIA and so are MILLIONS of Others of my KIND.

UMNO/BN FUCK YOU ... Before I DIE, I will do all to see YOU UMNO/BN dead so Malaysia can be Malaysia again and a GREAT Multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious NATION.

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