Saturday 24 December 2016

Johari Ghani and the Chinese. Can we ask the Chinese to take the high road and not lower themselves to Johari's level?

steadyaku47 comment : I think I came across the following reminder to Malaysian Chinese a few years back when Johari first mentioned that he does not need the Chinese to win in Titiwangsa. Any politician who tells any one in his Kawasan that he does not need their vote to win is an idiot.....but in this matter, he is an honest idiot. He has done his sums and he does not need the chinese votes to win the election in Titiwangsa.

I must presume that the "reminder" below was posted by a Chinese

Now here is the thing you need to consider...what does the initiator of the reminder wants to do? Hurt Johari, hurt CI Holdings, the business he is MD of...or does he want the Chinese to flex their muscles over CNY and show Johari, CI Holdings and everyone else that the Chinese are not to be trifled with on any issue : especially when it comes to their ability to make or break a Malay business or a Malay businessman. 

Just a reminder to the guy or guys who have started all this

First there are Chinese working in CI many I do not know...but even if one Chinese is affected by this boycott of CI Holding products, it is one innocent Chinese too many. 

Second....what Johari or Umno can do to the Chinese in retaliation for this proposed boycott by the Chinese of CI Holdings product far far outweighs what a boycott of CI Holdings products by the Chinese can do to Johari or CI Holdings. And if you doubt me just think back to what Umno has done to the Chinese in the Sugar and Beras business. Think of what Umno has done to the many businesses once run exclusively by the Chinese. You cannot run Johari or Umno to the ground by boycotting the products of CI Holdings....too many innocent people who depend on CI Holdings for a living, will be affected...and all of them are Malaysians so leave their periok nasi alone.

So think again. If you want to hantam Johari then do so but focus on him. He has already proven himself to be an not allow yourself to be put in the same category....raise yourself up to another level and think outside the box. Go educate the electorates to vote for accountable, responsible and decent individuals to represent them. Go join Bersih at the next Bersih Rally. Go join DAP or PKR and be a political activist working to put the opposition into something positive...not negative.  

I am posting the reminder below not in support of what it asks the Chinese to do...but for you to peruse the said reminder, think and then do something positive towards getting Johari and Umno out of office....and Johari or no Johari I will still drink 7-Up, take Lipton Tea and fire myself up with Gatorade after a brisk walk in the park.    


Make sure we don’t put the following items into our CNY baskets!!!

The MP for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani had made it clear that he does not need the Chinese and Indians to win the Titiwangsa seat. He did a mathematical calculation that all he needed was the 32,000 Malay voters and that was all. He made it very clear that the Chinese and Indians are a minority and they are nothing but just customers.

Johari Bin Abdul Ghani is the Managing Director of CI Holdings Bhd the owners of Pemanis Sdn. Bhd. He came on the board this company on the 29th of November 2002.

Well, since we are nothing but mere customers, and since he does not need the Chinese and the Indians, I suppose he also does not need our patronage on Pemanis Sdn Bhd products.

Pemanis products are as follows and you may be familiar with some of them :-

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Twist, 7-Up, Mirinda, Frost, Evervess, Kickapoo, Mountain Dew.

Revive, Revive Lime Burst, Excel, Gatorade, Gatorade Quiet Storm.

Lipton Ice Tea, Lipton Green Tea 9




Tropicana Twister, Tropicana 100%, Tropicana Juice Plus.

Bleu, Shot.

Since this Johari does not need us Chinese, so let's also show him that we also don't need his company's products!!!

Pls inform all your friends and family members to also boycott them this CNY!!!

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