Thursday 22 December 2016

The Final Solution?


What is the "Final Solution" that Umno and PAS have in mind for the infidels who are Christians and for the Chinese in Malaysia who are now Malaysians? 

Is there a place for the Christians and the Chinese in the Malaysia that Umno and PAS wants? 

Are they to be designated as second class citizens with all the attending restrictions that are now applied to the Pendatangs?

Will they be allowed to vote, to join the Army of the Police....and will they be given the right of abode in Malaysia and nothing else.....and will such right not to be automatically applied to their children?

I think these are questions that need to be addressed and discussed now by PAS and Umno and their "Final Solutions" to these "problems" should then be made public so that we all known what will happen if PAS and Umno are in government after the next general election.

We all know what Hitler's "Final Solution" was for the Jews....I wonder what Najib and Hadi has in mind?

Saya tanya aja...  

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