Tuesday 17 January 2017

cakap cakap : Jho Low, the Flying Hippo and the Bugis Warrior.

The irrefutable facts....Jho Low was studying with Rosmah son in the UK. They were close mates, if not living as neighbhours.Rosmah was with her son more often than her husband and in those circumstances she cultivated a close frienship wih Joh Low and he with her. 

The nature and type of bonding between them at that point of time was not known.Joh Low was a virile young man with ambition.Rosmah was also know to have enormous greed for wealth. She saw in him more than his lumpy phyical form and he in turn saw in her acess to $$$$$$ of sovereign fund.

Najib was the pawn with the key to the national treasury.The rest is all known.

Further, it is a known that Joh Low was not restrained by Erectile Dyfunctional of the tiny tiny weapon he possessed.It is not known how useful it was for him at that point of time.There no published revelations if the Fatsoma took any notice of the tiny tot, though in later years Paris Hilton was smitten by it which was neatly packed next to his fat wallet. She got distracted.

Moral of this . Dont keep your wallet next to your little tool if you want to fuck around.
With thanks to RC

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