Monday 30 January 2017

Make Change Possible!

I will not be distracted by any personal agenda of any politicians. I will not allow the issue of race, religion, gender or the beliefs and ideals of individuals, groups or factions within the opposition to get in the way of what we should all be focus upon - the ouster of Najib Razak and all that he represents. 

Nothing must get in the way of strengthening our resolve to see that Najib, Rosmah and every corrupt politician, every corrupt civil servant and every corrupt Malaysian who has abuse the trust the Malaysian people have placed in them by their corrupt ways - all of them will have to be taken to task for what they have done for their personal gain in the guise of government!

What we have do from today, all that we must focus from now and all that we should work towards is simply this : Make change possible.

And there are no two individuals who are more focus on this then Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.  

Yes Anwar is in Sungai Buloh today....but be assured that once we have the opposition in government, their first task will be to have Anwar released and pardon and be part of the government at the earliest possible moment! 

Do not talk about who will be PM now. Do not ask if PAS will join the coalition. Do not wonder how DAP and PAS will be able to be together again. Ask not who will be in cabinet. Ask not who will be MB and how will power sharing within a coalition that is divided along racial, religious and political lines be possible.

Just understand that if Mahathir and Anwar can come together....everyone who is now in opposition to the Umno led Barisan Nasional must also come together as the late TGNA, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim did in the last GE. Nothing less will do. 

And once the GE is won, once Najib, Rosmah and the whole lot of them are in remand and the process of bringing them to justice begins....there will be time enough for the PM, the DPM, Ministers and MB to be decided upon based on their performance before and during the GE and taking into consideration, the sensitivities of the electorates as indicated by the manner they have cast their votes     

Until electoral victory is achieved, you and I will have to do our part in making possible what Mahathir and Anwar have started.... the coming together of Malaysians who understand that our future, our Malaysia is bigger that any of us....and they do not come any bigger than Anwar and Mahathir.

So I hope that there will not be some among you who is on our side who will question the integrity of these two. I hope there will not be any among you that will ask either of them to repent, apologise or even ask for forgiveness for what they have done in the name of government when they were the government. All that is under the bridge.

All that what we have do from today, all that we must focus from now and all that we should work towards is simply this : Make change possible!



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