Thursday 19 January 2017

cakap cakap ...reprise...guna tanpa was was!

reprise...cakap cakap....from January 2009

Note: I wrote this letter to a classmate, the late Zaharan Razak way back in January 2009...just thought I would like to share it with you guys.


At this stage of my make that at this stage of OUR life its time we prepare ourselves to meet our Maker. Thinking of that imagery of a "Maker" made my mind wander and I started to think how we would be if we were actually made by Sony, National, Petronas etc bear with me and let me start talking nonsense. Imagine if we are required by our "Maker"  to walk around KLCC wearing T shirts with the slogan of our Maker....taking into account that our "use by date" is almost over. Think what people will say of us when they see us...

If you are made by LG then "Life's Good" so you go around whistling and being happy.

If your maker is Zaitun then it is "GUNA TANPA WAS WAS" ...but then with our wives already in Menopause that should not be a problem and anyway most of us are shooting blanks and, more important, who really want to use us anymore?

What if your Maker happens to be the BN Government - then you have a few choices.

For the anti smokers it will be "TAK NAK"...but then at our age it has to be "TAK NAIK". 

There is also "MALAYSIA BOLEH"...but honestly kita dah "TAK BOLEH KAN?" 

JKR comes up with the "Jasa Kepada Rakyat"...but if you go and look at yourself in the mirror you know that your Berjasa days for any Rakyat (which includes your spouses) was over many many years ago. 

The same goes for "BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA". How to "Berkhidmat" anymore when just being able to wake up in the morning is cause for celebrations.

Those claiming UMNO as their maker can have "SATU LAGI PROJEK DARI KERAJAAN BARISAN NASIONAL" on their T shirt. That would be just right for those of us that looks wealthy, greedy and totally corrupt - I would volunteer myself but I only qualify for one of the criteria needed - which one is for you to decide.

If Nestle is your Maker...then "Minum Milo Anda Jadi Sihat dan Kuat" - maybe with the vitamins we take we can be sihat but the kuat bit would be questionable...same as the "TAK NAIK" situation.

Now if you are from the Pak Lah stock then it's "WORK WITH ME, NOT FOR ME". At this stage of our life it's more realistic for "them" to do the work and for us to do the "NOT" part...again the "TAK NAIK" situation.

RTM say's it is "TEMAN SETIA ANDA"..I don't think our wife cares one way or the other anymore just as long as you are there to pay the bills. So wearing a T Shirt with that slogan will only bring a sad smile to your spouse's face....apo nak di kato!!!

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