Wednesday 18 January 2017

Sultan Johor Syiok Sendiri ka?

Mahathir against the Sultan of Johor...the Sultan of Johor against Mahathir....hmmm that would be an interesting match up. After all it was the assaults by another Sultan of Johor on Gomez that gave Mahathir the excuse to go head to head with the Royals. Bila lagi for another Sultan of Johor to go head to head against the same Mahathir to right any wrong the Johor Sultan might think have been perpetrated by Mahathir upon Johor Sultans and the other brother Sultans way back in the early 90's.

But here is the thing with these royals...empty vessels! They make the most noise but when it comes to bikini macam dia orang cakap....ada susah sikit lah! 

You see when you can titah for this and titah for that without any one questioning your titah, you do get carried away with your sense of self importance....we Malays say "syiok sendiri!".  

I too thought the same thing about my blogging....already reach eight figure clicks ma and getting over 25K click a I thought I was one hell of a blogger...until I saw this :

I now understand that as a blogger I am only as good as my last posting! If I do not post anything worthwhile reading....nobody will be bothered about whether I am dead or alive. Yesterday I got over 40K of I can feel good this morning and rewarded myself with a "good boy" pat on my head.....nothing else. Not even a syiok sendiri moment because I got to write my next article before my wife wakes up.

You and me Tuanku...we are guilty of this....

So just to recap Tuanku....jangan lah banyak sangat syiok sendiri. 

For me personally, the Sultan of Johor....or for that matter any Sultan, any Tun, any Tan Sri or any Dato' will get as much respect from me as any one else....same same....until by their words and deeds they show themselves deserving of my respect and attention. 

So I suggest Tuanku instead of spending your money on those 300 cars, on that MACK Truck that you may use maybe once a month or less, or even a few dollars entertaining your rakyat jelata.....why don't you do something really useful and helpful for the helping us get rid of this corrupt and abusive BN government headed by this corrupt najib razak?. 

Can or not?  


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