Wednesday 25 January 2017

That drink on the table looks good!

I have been sitting.....literally front of my Mac monitor with that face staring right at me...trying hard...very very say one decent thing about that women.....about the picture...and the best thing I can come up with is "That drink on the table looks good!"

That is what greed does to you. That is what many many years of staying in a "convenient" marriage does to you. That is what an inflated sense of self and bounding ego that has no connection with reality does to makes you into a hard, conniving and bitter bitch! 

A RM1200 haircut job can no longer do anything for you. The clothes she has on is worth a few thousand ringgits....and do not mention her accessories and jewellers....I SAID DO NOT MENTION THEM....because I am sure they will be worth more than what an average Malaysian will earn in a decade...maybe even a lifetime...and all that will not soften her image nor assist her in any way to make her a better person physically or within her self.

The table setting seems beyond luxury...ostentatious maybe...over the top most probably.

The food would be fit to be served for Kings and Queens...not ordinary mortals like you and me. 

The chair she sits on would be at home in the Palace at Versailles....nay maybe even in one of the gaudy palaces of those Saudi Prince that "they" say have donated the RM2.6 billion...but the chair still creaks and moans under her weight!

Her surroundings would be to her liking....expensive, exclusive and certainly fit for the rich and famous...of which she thinks she is one (NOT!)...but they are surroundings that are devoid of any grace.

And if you look again at the face staring at you what do you see?

Age has not been kind to her physical self! In her face you see conceit, arrogance, self-importance, vainglorious old summed up in one word....BITCH!

And she is a fraud because nothing that she exudes is true, nothing she deigns to portray is genuine and after all is said and done by PR firms, her minders or even by herself....she cannot escape the fact that at 66 she has none of the graces of women her age. 

She has none of the reverence people of her stature should have from those who are her peers or from anyone else beneath and above her stature.

All that she has to look forward to in life is when everything that she now has, will be taken away from her. When will she lose her station in life and all the worldly goods that she now posses....and she deserves nothing less! 

For anyone else in her position I would feel pity...even compassion....but for this women we await her fall from grace impatiently. 

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