Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Circle of Life...Old Friends.

Here we the flush of youth...all in white walking without a care in the world....without the burdens of life and the world upon our shoulders......and we are still to understand the responsibilities that will one day be ours once we join the real world outside the grounds of our beloved MCKK.

How are we to know that almost half a century away some of us will be gone...some of us are making their best contribution to society and to our country, most of us are growing old gracefully and that one of us, larger than life in all of us will be in Sungai Buloh biding his time there at the pleasure of this odious Umno led BN government. 

Yes friends....that third teenager from the right is saudara Anwar Ibrahim. One of my classmates uploaded this image from the past yesterday. As I look and look and look at this image from days long gone by.....familiar faces and many memories comes flooding back into my consciousness and I am lost once again to my days in Kuala Kangsar at Kolet.

No I am not in the picture...but they are all my classmates, my batch and if we are to meet today, it would be as if time had stood still and we are still in that time wrap that school days and school friends comfortable finds themselves in every time they meet, at any time of our life.

I know that at least one of those in the above image is no longer with us.....but those who are left from the above group are still in touch with each other. week there will be a Daun Pisang Lunch get together in Bangsar for our 64 batch! 

Our  group whatsapp has been running hot with confirmation of those coming, apologies from those not being able to attend, discussions about food and parking availability, long lost classmates being sought out to ensure their attendance...and even talk about how one of us will be able to negotiate the stairs to reach the first floor where the get together was going to take place. The solution? "I will carry you!" volunteered a gallant classmate of ours who is still fit, hale and healthy....though I suspect that offer was made more as a gesture to ensure that classmate of ours will turn up rather that an ability to do as promised....but be assured, whatever is needed to ensure that every one makes it up to the first floor on that day, will surely be done.

This is the circle of life. While America will be changing Presidents the Class of 64 are busy arranging for a Daun Pisang Lunch get together this coming weekend. I have already tendered my apologies for my absence for I know that time and distance will not allow me to be present. 

I wonder how saudara Anwar will convey his apologies?  

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