Sunday, 2 April 2017

Namza Sod

Of late I have been receiving a number of comments of the following genre on my FB and Blog posting. I do not know whether to be upset or smug that I am now receiving the attention of these kind of riff raft who visit FB and blogs not because they want to read  what is shared in the public domain by the owner of these FB or blogs.... but to lambast and leave comments that leaves no room for doubt as to their intent. I hope they will not take umbrage at what I am about to say here. fact I know they will not take umbrage at what I have to say here because I doubt if they know what "umbrage" means...anyway I digress.

My intention of posting the comment of Namza Sod is simply this : If my blog or FB page upsets you and others of your genre....go spend your time elsewhere. 

Politicians in the opposition feel that being arrested under the ISA is a rite of passage that they must endure to gain credibility in the eyes of their peers and their supporters. We FB's and bloggers who despise and view with contempt the corrupt najib and the political entities he leads..... considers the comments of people like Namza Sod as our rite of passage. The more they try to harass us with their comments - the more we know that what we put on our FB and blogs are getting through to their intended targets - the corrupt najib led umno dominated bn government and their hangers on. 

The "powers that be" blocks who they can in Malaysia from accessing this blog of mine. From time to time they send their idiots and morons like Namza Sod to harass me with comments as the one posted below. All that it does to me is to stay awake longer to do more work on this blog. Do what you will...lawan mesti lawan. 

And what idiot would call him self a "Sod"

"Sod" is mainly used to lightly insult someone in a humorous way. 
"You daft sod" is the same as saying "You silly bugger". There isn't anything malicious about it. 

Enough said

Namza Sod

1 hour ago  -  Shared publicly 
You too have been fooled by him too.
By the way, how does it feel to live in a foreign land, with full welfare benefits?
What was your contribution to the state, apart from living off them for 40 years?
And you are good too in seeking sympathy from posting personal sad stories.
You're NOT a Malaysian. Period. 

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