Monday 18 April 2011

The 3 Latuks aka three stupid stooges.

steadyaku47 comment: 

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Subject: HOT, HOT, HOT ... READ THIS

Dear Folks. .. . here are what had unfolded and will unfold:-

1. Datuk Eskay, whose father is an Indian from Sarawak and mother of Thai origin has several interests along with Shuib Lazim in Thailand. He spoke Thai very well too. He was previously a physiotherapist for BAM and later on for Toon Mamak Kutty.

2. Datuk Shuib Lazim was a proxy of Daim and has known Toon Mamak Kutty who awarded his company way back in the late 1980's for the construction of the underground facilities at Dataran Merdeka.

3. The Small Thamby Child Raper was appointed the Chairman of RISDA despite being a corrupted person related to a case involving RM40 million. As with the child rape case, the corruption charge was covered by Toon Mamak Kutty and the AG. This was confirmed by the than CID Chief.

4. Now these sons of bitches aka Datuk T are now involved with another dubious contract worth millions of RM of supplying fertilizer from Datuk Eskay’s company based in Thailand to RISDA. But, let's put this case aside first. (Funny thing that the MACC did not lift a finger to investigate this case).

5. Datuk Eskay is also involved in the Toon Kutty's crooked bridge project. Apparently he is now seeking RM20 million "commission" for being the middleman of this project. And he was pissed off with Anwar as Anwar refused to stand as a witness and vows to destroy Anwar at whatever cost it will take.

6. Through their dealings in the "fertilizer" contract these 3 sons of bitches who have a common interest to destroy Anwar hatched this "Siam-connection sex-video".

7. Being a low life character and his ability to interact with the Thai community, Datuk Eskay knew very well the Thai underworld pimps and prostitution ring. He spearheaded this plot by recruiting an actor resembling Anwar after weeks of scouting in Thailand. The female actress was not difficult to find, a Baht for 40 kilos. And so the production of the video was carried out. To make it authentic they use a black and white with 4 static cameras in the room.

And mind you, this video production receives the blessings of top echelons in UMNO when it was completed and ready to be rolled to the public. Than, the Carcosa screening, followed by Datuk Johari's revelation which reverse the tide of peoples' opinion. Datuk T and UMNO is in a fix. The “fixers” got “fixed” themselves, or should I say the “fuckers got fucked”!

8. Of course these sons of a bitches is still not satisfied, now that their "Siam-connection sex video", has backfired not only to them but to UMNO as well. They are now trying to create records across the border that Anwar had visited some sleazy places and ill repute hotels. This, Datuk Eskay can very easily manufacture these records through his connections with the Thai underworld and pimps.

9. Now these sons of bitches aka Datuk T knew people are not paying attention to the UMNO spin media and therefore, had gathered and willing to pay top bloggers to spin this new tale of Anwar visiting Siam for sex-escapades. So watch out with some Thai Hotel records manufactured by these sons of bitches

But whatever they are trying to plot it will for sure "botch' again. The more they try to stir the shit of their own making, the more stinky they become!

And hello Datuk T, take this advice please. . ., please stick to your "fertilizer" industry. That is the only shit the 3 of you can stir. . .., and nothing else!


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  2. you are different from the 3 Ts

  3. indian father and thai mother = malay (?)