Tuesday 26 April 2011


Build strength around our Anger!

Everyday, without fail, I am continuously astounded by the unending attacks on Anwar Ibrahim by this Barisan Nasional government. When enough space has been taken up by Barisan Nasional media about DSAI they are not beyond going to defile the dead. Teoh Beng Huat is dug up to be branded as corrupt. Because after DSAI they really are bankrupt of individuals to go after from within Pakatan Rakyat.  

The MACC is lauded as the paragon of anti corruption when it arrested more 60 custom officers.

During the operation, a joint effort between local law enforcement agencies, the authorities seized gold bars, bags of cash containing up to RM600,000, luxury watches and expensive cars.

Those arrested included a state Customs director who was reported to have millions of ringgit in several bank accounts.

Ahmad Sarbaini was among those detained on April 1 by MACC over allegations of graft involving billions. Investigators estimated that about RM10 billion had been smuggled out or remitted overseas.
Did it ever occur to this Barisan Nasional government to be embarrassed that 60 of THEIR custom officers were arrested? That there were no check and balances in place that could prevent a State Custom Director from amassing millions of ringgits in their bank accounts? And not to mention the gold bars, bags of cash, luxury watches and expensive cars seized! What would MACC uncover if they went after UMNO? Bags of cash, gold bars, luxury watches and expensive cars too? The mind boggles when we recall this Mat Taib aka the then Menteri Besar of Selangor was forced to resign over the RM3,8 million he tried to bring into Australia in 1997. That was ten years ago – at today’s value that would be closer to RM7 million ringgit! Imagine Mat Taib walking around with RM$7 million into Australia! If that was what he brought to Australia just think how much he must have in Selanagor!  
This is the same Barisan Nasional government that holds effective executive control over our government and all the government apparatus that does its bidding without question – the Judiciary, PDRM, the various government departments….a never ending source of weapons used against its own Rakyat. A weapon used to bludgeon Kugan and many others to death while under PDRM custody.

This is the same Barisan Nasional government that controls all the Televisions stations, all the Media that matters in Malaysia through its draconian licensing of same – the same Barisan Nasional government that holds a scimitar over any head that brooks any dissent to its rule through the indiscriminate use of the ISA to further it already choking hold over its own people and the same Barisan Nasional government which has a corrupt, greedy and totally abusive UMNO as its leader of choice!  

This Barisan Nasional government angers me and I am sure it angers you all too.
We must build our strength from this anger!
No I am not talking about the anger that makes us pick up a stone and throw it at the target of your anger. Not the anger that makes you want to lash out at Barisan Nasional at every opportunity you have. Nor the anger that makes you want to go out now and demonstrate against the ISA. Nor my friends am I talking about the anger that is fed and is immediately quelled and satisfied.

No I want you to hold on to this anger you have with Barisan Nasional. This anger at Barisan Nasional must be starved. Do not feed it. Every day, in every way let it grow inside you as it is growing inside me.

We have a right to this anger and do not let any one tell you otherwise. Our anger at Barisan Nasional must be one third used to make preparations for the coming 13th General Elections. One third used now to spread our anger to others who we need to bring onto our side against Barisan Nasional. But always leave one third of this anger starved so that come the 13th General Election we will still have that anger burning inside us to ensure that the final surge to rid ourself of Barisan Nasional is done with the vigour and strength that will claim victory for Pakatan Rakyat.

We must feed this anger everyday. When people are angry they will bring about change. And change is what we want at the 13th General Election.     


And Barisan Nasional should worry about our anger because anger is one letter from danger to them! Malaysia needs our anger now because this evil that is Barisan Nasional has been allowed to exisits long enough.

But we must know how to be angry. At the core of our anger must be Barisan Nasional and what Barisan Nasional represent for our people for our country. Barisan Nasional represent corruption, greed and arrogance. Barisan Nasional represents the breakdown of our solidarity as a people that once used to live in harmony and decency. Barisan Nasional represents all that we abhor and detests…and we must use our anger to rid ourselves of Barsian Nasional. You are one. With me we are two…who else are with me?     


  1. I am angered and I am with you!!!

  2. I have been angry since eternity and it is not just to the BN goverment but also to the stupid corrupted rakyats.

  3. Yes, I am damned angry alright at the impunity with which this umno led BN goes about corrupting it finds in it's way just so to pilfer and exercise it's obese power over the very people that elected and put them in power.
    It must end whatever is possible.