Wednesday 27 April 2011

Cakap cakap...Melayu bukan UMNO. UMNO bukan Melayu.

We Malays must realize that there has to be an expiry date for blaming UMNO for the situation we find ourselves in now. It expires when we empower ourselves to separate UMNO from the Malays.  Amongst the Malays there is already widespread social discontent, political anger and public outrage at UMNO. Yet there is a   sense of fear and powerlessness to do anything against UMNO. This must be broken. We do not want to reach rock bottom before we start to rebuild our people up again. We need to start now.

Yes you can say that the fight has already started in 2008 when we voted in a credible opposition into parliament. But that is not enough. Some of you talk about your work on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter! But understand this….the Internet; Facebook and Twitter are just logistical support. In themselves they do nothing. The fight against UMNO must be started by the people. You click on to your PC to access these support but the fight can only begin when you physically move forward together with Pakatan Rakyat. Do not allow PDRM, the ISA and other acts of state terror intimidate you.

UMNO no longer has popular support amongst the Malays. UMNO leaders now buy loyalty from those within UMNO to keep them in power. Loyalty from the elites within UMNO, and from the components parties within Barisan Nasional. And these people need to be rewarded for their loyalty – corruption is the enabler of choice.

I am not disappointed with UMNO. I am disappointed with the people within UMNO. They no longer know what is right and what is wrong. I want these people to tell the Malay why they should vote for UMNO now – now that there is mutual hostility between the people within UMNO and many Malays.

We are fighting against an UMNO that is strong. With money and guns. Is all we can hope for is that Pakatan Rakyat will get its act together and UMNO will crumble from within?

Maybe so…but hope is not a strategy. We Malays must inform other Malays what UMNO has done to the Malays and we must do so unapologetically. UMNO is so focus on killing the messenger that in doing so they have lost control of the message that we are telling to our own people. The message is this.

The Malays are angry and primed for change. We are building our strength from this anger. And Anwar Ibrahim is the symbol of this anger. What we need now is that spark that will ignite this anger into a tidal surge that is irresistible and irreversible to overwhelm UMNO and all that chooses to stand with UMNO. If Memali had happened now, with the Internet at our disposal, that would have been the spark to ignite our anger for the Malays will never stand for our own government to kill other Malays. Never ever!

Can 50 years of UMNO rule disintegrate in a matter of days if not weeks? You see what has happened in Egypt and Tunisia and you can only say that it can!

Najib cannot understand that it is him that we want gone. Not Anwar. Anwar’s privileged and burden is to lead us. UMNO has tried to stripped Anwar and many Malays of almost everything that we hold dear – our pride, our dignity and our integrity -  but they know they have failed in this endeavour. UMNO’s fear of failure at the 13th general election has already manifest as it did at Memali – eliminate all those that stands in the way of UMNO’s relentless advance towards power and wealth.

I say we stand and fight. In Memali the BN government sent in 200 armed Policemen to kill 14 Malays. Against Anwar if all UMNO can throw at him are pornographic tapes then I say, “Bring it on!”. We have many tales to tell of UMNO’s massive financial scandals running into the billions, audacious nepotism by Prime Ministers and Ministers, murders, corruption and greed on a scale bigger then Ben Hur! Then there is the abuse of the Malaysian Judiciary, the Election Commission, PDRM and any damm government apparatus at your disposal. And the sex…ahhh the sex. It starts with the Prime Minister, his wife, the DPM and enough Ministers and UMNO elites to ensure that each decade is represented in its totality….and that includes components parties within the Barsian Nasional. Bring it on!         


  1. "UMNO, the "grand old party" which bore the salvation of the Malay race, is in imminent danger of destruction due to money politics, factionalism and lethargy."

    Read 'The Malay Gamble - Other Thots Pg.57 by A. Kadir Jasin'.

  2. UMNO has over the last 30 years been ruptured and infiltrated by greedy and corrupt politicians, courtesy of TDM whom many still believe is the savior of Malaysia. He had to do it in desperation of holding on to power, and this he did for 22 years. It has since become the culture in UMNO in particular and BN in general. The chances of it ever coming to an end is slim and Malaysia will probably sink like the Titanic.

  3. The "cari makan" mentality of hypocrisy and prostituting oneself, in addition to our stupidity of falling for divide-and-rule propaganda of hate, will will be our doom if we don't change. In MENA, it had to get a lot worse - especially in basics like safety from goverment violence, wages, the price of food and opportunities - before the people demanded change. Will we also wait until then?

  4. Pak HH,

    Melayu can live without UMNO, UMNO will die without Melayu, but then, there are Chinese and Indians who cannot live without UMNO. These are the Chindians!

  5. Tuan HH,

    I view the curse to the Malay race is TDM himself. During his rule he had manipulated and emasculated the Malay psyche to one that says "as long as UMNO rules, all you need to do is declare you are a Malay and the world owes you a living". With such a mentality ingrained within the majority of Malays, I must ask "what can be the future for the Malay race on the national and global stage?"

  6. FMZam,"there are Chinese and Indians who cannot live without UMNO. These are the Chindians!", There are more and more Chinese switching to opposition like Pas,Keadalan or Dap than you ever imagined. Look what happened when the Chinese left Gerakan. Its an empty shell now. After next NE,very soon Gerakan will close shop forever in the political areana. MCA will be the next even it takes abit Chinese will shed a tears.