Thursday 21 April 2011

Cakap cakap...Loyalty to each other.

From my heart….with my heart, I ask that those who are with Pakatan Rakyat, with DSAI, with RPK, with MCLM….all of you that are not with Barisan Nasional….please remain focus on what we need to do: 

Our work to rid ourself and our country of this 
plague that we call Barisan Nasional. 

We need to do this so that we, our children and our children’s children will have a better and more decent life than the one we are now living. We want an open and responsible government in place of Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat, DSAI, RPK, MCLM you or me cannot do this without help from each other. Stay within our ranks. Stay together. Say what you want of Barisan Nasional but they know that their survival depends on them being together. The reality is that even evil can draw men together!  

All the snippets of information, loose talk, pieces of news and shreds of lies and half truths that passes for the truth flying around through the electronic media, the local media and being discussed over teh tarik and roti chanai in the mamak stalls and over Caffe Latte and Espresso at Gloria Jeans and what have you are just Rojak and Ice Kachang. A jumble of ingredients that somehow manages to please you in the tasting but does nothing for your good health (with apologies to those who make a living from Rojak and Ice Kachang!) Please keep your focus on the task ahead.

What Petra said or did not say at that TV3 session, what he inferred was said by DSAI and Din Merican’s involvement in the whole matter, please let it not distract you from the facts as we know them about the Altantuya murder. And these are the facts:

Altantuya was shot twice in the head and her body blown to bits using C4 explosives. Explosives that is used by the Military in Malaysia.

Two UTK operatives of Najibs security detail were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for the murder. The two will be taken to a place of execution where they will be hanged by their neck until they are dead – as the High Court Judge puts it.

Why these two UTK operatives would want to murder Altantuya whom they have never met or know is yet to be determined.

Why did Datuk Seri Najib sms Razak Baginda
I am seeing IGP at 11 A.M. today …. matter will be solved … be cool”

Why did Najib messaged Shafee (Razak's Lawyer) 
“Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”

And never lose sight of the fact that RM$500 million was paid for services rendered in the purchase of submarines from the French for the Malaysian Navy to Razak Baginda - what were the services rendered that had cost our nation RM$500 million? 

Those are the facts that till today have not been satisfactorily explained to the people of Malaysia by the Courts, by Razak Baginda nor by the sender of that sms – our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The two convicted murderers are awaiting execution and their death will conveniently close one chapter of this sordid tale. Razak Baginda left for London shortly after the trial and has not been back in Malaysia since for reasons best known to him. Datuk Seri Najib is now the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It would look like everything has been resolved and all the dirt swept away…but the devil are in the details.

Everything has been tidied up and yet the dirt, filth and sleaze over the murder of Atantuya is still hovering over Najib and Barisan Nasional. Questions of deceit, greed, corruption, abuse of executive power of those holding public office in government and murder most foul clings overpoweringly to the person of our Prime Minister and  Barisan Nasional. It will not go away. Anywhere our Prime Minister goes, whatever he does Altantuya continues to hound him 24/7. And now Petra, for his own reason, chooses to resurrect Altantuya again.   

Do not attempt to second-guess Petra. He spins what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. Focus on the facts as I have outlined them. I would like to remind all those that are against Barisan Nasional (and I include Petra in this grouping) to stay within the family - our family.

Yes we have our difference and we have our quarrels but like I told my wife yesterday: I realize that for most of our life together, I have been the one to say hurtful things to her. She has never said anything that had hurt me on a personal basis - she has upset me, irritate me and even at times made me angry by her words but she has never hurt my feelings with words. From today, I told her, I would try to not say anything that will hurt her. I told her that it will be hard for me to do so but I will try. And I will try because I do not want to hurt someone I love and care for.

We love all those that are with us in this fight against Barisan Nasisonal. And so for all of us that are in the same family let us discuss, argue and agree to disagree on things that matters and things that do not. Remember that all that we send into the lives of others will one day come back into our own. Do listen to each other for each of us will have our story to tell. When we have done talking, close ranks. You are one, with me we are two. Who else will join us?  


  1. Pak HH,

    All along, I'm with Pakatan no matter for worse or better, but of all you've mentioned about being with all those associates of Pakatan, it pains me now that you must also include that FARKING RPK. Please sir, from now on, RPK is not worth mentioning as an associate of Pakatan, to me he is more a nuisance, unreliable and selfish bastard, who with him as a friend Pakatan doesn't need an enemy anymore. He's Pakatan's worst enemy!

  2. Asalam & thanks for the insight Tn HH,
    PR supporters must remain focus come what may,together we will send umno-apco-BN to the sewers where they belong,see now the cronies getting RM50 for the so called email for every Malaysians, these scums of umno-bn will wipe out Malaysia's resources !

  3. Keep Altantuya alive. That is the only way these immoral, dastardly murderers can be hounded to as far as Hell.

  4. @FMZam

    Despising RPK on personal terms or a murder most foul being covered up... and you say you are with PR?

    Yes, you are, aren't you!

  5. Steadyaku... you real steady lah!

    To add to your list:
    1)Anybody who has been sentenced to death would defend himself to death. Then why has not the 2 cops or their families appealed against their sentence?
    2)Why is it that the 2 cops' identity remain closeted? Why do the authorities insist on covering up their identities since they are to be executed anyway.

  6. Problem with PR is PKR,if we look back of what happened in PR since its inception,most of the problem is within PKR,the betrayel,the back stabbing,the frog jumping and what have you?Its all because of the umno(BN) culture which they dont seem to be able to rid off from their system.So unless they managed to overcome all the shrtcomings mentioned,they will always remains a liabillity to PR and with that kind of attitude,it will be difficult for them to mount a serious challenged to a regime which is well known for mafia style in making sure that stay in power.As for PAS and DAP they remains as formidable as ever as an opposition party,so if PKR can change their way and become as formidable as DAP and PAS,i think the job to unseat the corrupt regime will become much easier.

  7. Dear blogger,

    It is a well known fact that in M'sia, UTK and/or Police can take the law in their own hands.
    Our PM and Razak Baginda has denied involvement in the killing of the deceased and even the UTK officers refuse to reveal or admit as to why they acted in that manner. Just a matter of interest, the Submarine deal was signed when Tun Dr M was PM in 2002.Come on get the dates right. You think PM Dr Mahathir does not know what goes on then.. This is way before Razak Baginda involvement with the dead lady in 2004 and no where is it stated by either the dead lady (in her note that was read in Court) or her father that the dead lady was involved in the Submarine deal. The dead lady only admitted to extorting money from Razak Baginda since they were having an affair.

  8. Red Alfa,

    Despising RPK? He is not that important to be despised of. Pakatan will go on with or without him no problem, nobody is indispensable in Pakatan.

  9. I think that the truth about Altantuya will eventually surface, even if Najib is not the PM anymore. I think that the persons in the know, are just waiting for Najib to be the ex-PM and a little by little of the truth will we revealed. As most have said, "corruption, we can tolerate, but murder, issshhh, that is a different ball game, Najib must pay".
    If anyone reveals naything now, for sure he and his family will be at risk, so they will wait until Najib's is no more in power.
    Muhyiddin has said nothing substantial about the three Datuks' and of the tape. Indeed he has said literally nothing about Anwar being in the tape.
    he is allowing Najib some string to hang himself, and Najib will hang himself, soon.
    Tengku Razaleigh, RPK, Pang, Nik, Din Merican, are history. The ones' in UMNO, behind Muhyiddin, and watching Najib's every step, they are the ones' Najib should watch. RPK just wants to stay relevant, but his time to be irrelevant has come. There's only so much people can take of RPK.
    He stays secure in the UK, and tells people here what to do. The people here are the ones' that are faced with direct hostility and being treated by criminals by the Police, whilst RPK stays in the comfort of UK and dictates to these people. His excuse, he will be caught, as if the others' fighting a cause are free. Anyway he has done a deal with Najib, so he will have an easier time soon.
    You and I will see Najib and Rosmah being brought down to size. Hope it's sooner, rather than later.

  10. The Altantuya case is going to be Najib's swan song. It's going to be Muhyiddin's trump card when the time comes for him to go for the PM position.

    As for RPK, I always though that the guy has overblown ego. When his popularity started to fall, he has to come up with another conjecture to raise his profile again. I hold him responsible for breaking up Pakatan especially PKR. Many fell for his tricks and is now left at the wayside. People like Zaid Ibrahim and a few blogs.

  11. Najib is banging on TDM's words "Melayu (or rather Malaysians) mudah lupa", times will tell that this story will disappear from malaysians' memory, then only Razak Baginda will return to Malaysia. 2 HIV infected persons unwanted by their families will be used as Siril and Azhar to potray that those have been hanged while the actual Siril and Azhar and their family members will be given new mykad with different names and lot of monies to stay somewhere in Malaysia that people dont know or their mouth can be kept shut. What we need to do is to keep this Najib-Altantuya alive all the time until the real culprits being punished and truth prevailed not only for the people of Malaysia but for Altantuya family.

  12. Please dont associate that RPK with Pakatan. RPK is thrash, period.

  13. FMZam you are so correct about this con-man RPK. Now giving all sorts of reasons and excuses. This guy is shit. Don't even go near him unless you want to collect back all the donations you and me have given him before! We should have left him to rot in Kamunting instead of donating to him. Give the money to the dogs better!!!