Wednesday 27 April 2011

Petra and Kee Thuan Chye

There are times, when I am writing, that I have had to take five and go over what I have written and ask myself if what I write will be “acceptable” to those that read what I write. Once or twice I had even pulled out postings I had already made on my blog because I felt that it was too personal a matter to be put onto the public domain because once I do post anything onto steadyaku47 it signals my consent to have what I write open to debate. Harden as I am to what others do say about me and my blog I am still at times affected by what others say of my writings.

And so I read with fascination Petra’s exchange with Kee Thuan Chye in MT this morning:

From: Fugitive Blogger

To: Kee Thuan Chye

Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 12:50 PM

I'm not going to bother to 'win anyone back'. I am not trying to win a popularity contest. I am not running for office or contesting the elections. If they are unhappy with me that’s their problem, not mine. 

What, these people are paying for my food or what? I'm employed by them that I must take orders from them or what? No one owns me. I do what I want. They don't like it, tough. 

Do I sound arrogant? I hope so. Arrogant is my middle name. Kamunting can tell you that. Sungai Buloh Prison can tell you that. Bukit Aman can tell you that. They hate my guts and that makes my day”.
Petra, is it necessary to be abusive in your reply to KTC? We know that there are times when you do need to be arrogant. Times when you need to act tough. I do not see a need for you to be either when you are in conversation with people who are our brothers. As I see you, I too see KCT as my Brother–in– Arms against Barisdan Nasional, against UMNO. Chill Bro, chill....    


  1. He don't called his blog NO HOLD BARRED for nothing !!!!!SU

  2. MCLM founding members should facilitate things for the people and do not make things difficult for them. Do not be hard on them. Give the people the feel good feeling and do not repulse them.

  3. Stupidity perhaps. Once the camera flash recedes one's adrenalin may stop flowing. Got to have it back sort of thing.
    Nevertheless, to open up multiples frontal attacks would be stupid. RPK's arrogance may lead him into oblivion. To grossly negate others and over expressing his non dependencies would isolate him.
    We should all be brothers in arms against BN. We will deal with any shortcomings under Pakatan. We just have to break free from the shackles of BN to restore our integrity. We just have to cut off the vines of corruption that had entangled us for so long.

  4. We are hampered by our culture of respect without basis. Our plundering leaders depend on it. The capitalist monsters destroying the planet expect them to exploit it. It is the same everwhere. The people of Amerika are waking up to the reality that tey are no exception. Time is short, and politeness will cut no ice with monsters who torture and mass-murder.

  5. RPK was kurang ajar in his reply to KTC. There was no need for RPK to act so arrogantly.

  6. Haha! RPK crying like a spoilt kid and actually who cares if he didn't care at us at all, as if he ever cared at us more than he had cared for himself, his wife and his son all these while? I don't give a hoot if he didn't want to 'win anyone back' when there is nobody that he had lost so far other than maybe his own self. I think RPK now better try to 'win his own self back' because that is exactly the only thing he had lost. Nobody's missing RPK, not even god.

  7. bad example of an arrogant basxxxxd . how his wife could stand his foul mouth?

  8. RPK is nothing but an arrogant, self-centered axxxole very much like TDM to whom everyone else is no smarter or better than they. Similar to TDM, there doesn't seem to be a single drop of humility in hteir mind or soul. RPK's arrogance will one day get the better of him. It is very unfortunate that so many out there revere and granted him a somewhat hero status.

  9. ref : 'He don't called his ....!!!!!'

    my hair stands on ends ...sighs !!!