Thursday 7 April 2011

Another murder by MACC?

It looks like the General Election is truly on its way! UMNO has started to roll out some its aces – The Carcosa Tapes, Deepak and Gods know what other odious and sleazy tales they have waiting in the filthy vaults of dirt tricks that they have. But as always, GOD is great. Just as UMNO is trying to say Get Set, Ready and Go….along comes something that is not in the script. Well at least not in UMNO’s script but in the script of life. In this case another “incident” at par with Altantuya, Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, Aminurasyid…and now into our sad history comes another name that will not go away for UMNO and unfortunately MACC:

Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed

And with this “incident” we the forgotten people, the Rakyat of Malaysia will need to be placated because another conspiracy of the Barisan Government against its own people in the guise of MACC has stupidly shot itself in its own foot!. Huh! Never a dull moment with these farcical silap mata done by these Barisan Politicians in the name of 1 Malaysia! 

With hands on his heart Najib will stand in front of all of us and solemnly declare the usual “no stone unturned investigation” and “all those guilty will be punished” statement. Another RCI perhaps? After all these UMNO goons are already clamoring for a RCI for that Carcosa Tape “incident with Anwar! Or maybe not an RCI for Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed because to these UMNO leaders a death is not as important as getting to the bottom of someone having sex – they must get their wrapped sense of priorities right!

Let us see how Najib excuse, condone or tolerate this latest “incident” by MACC. What strongly principled decision will be made by our Prime Minister to expose MACC for what it really is – another sordid weapon conjured up by UMNO to try and ensure electoral success? And all those doing the work for UMNO within MACC will be richly rewarded when the time comes. But you know, I know and UMNO knows that MACC Chief, Abu Kassim Mohamed, is now living on borrowed time in as far as his tenure in MACC is concerned! He knows that he has allowed his officers to act without regard to the rule of law and the right of the individual to justice and a fair hearing and it does not take political courage for Najib to dismiss him….after all he has now become a liability to UMNO.

And so the theatre of deceit, lies, arrogance, money politics and all that sleaze and filth that has characterized UMNO’s and Barisan rule ever since Mahathir’s time continues on its merry way. We await the next “incident:”  - scripted or not – to come into our conciousness…..but Ya ALLAH let no more unnecessary death accompany these incidents. The forgotten Rakyat have suffered enough!    


  1. I hope nobody's delicate feelings are hurt by the word murder.

    Perhaps the NKRA watchamaycallit can be set at 1 death per 10,000 investigated and 1 hurt per 1000. So, by "interviewing" 20,000 people over the phone using temp staff, everyting will be A OK.

  2. Sir what you make out a government to be a hetrosexual or a homosexual when all the cabinet are looking thru saiful areshole for governence and only this in their mind is the arse hole. Getting themselves and salvating with Saiful's arsehole.

  3. every rakyat in the right mind should think "enough is enough"..
    every member in UMNO/MCA/MIC,etc,. who are god fearing and genuine to the well being of a just malaysia should resign from their respective party, less those who stay behind are party to murder, rape and roberry.

  4. HH,

    Lets be realistic. It would take more than 2 "sudden deaths" at the hands of MACC for the rest of Malaysians to sit up and take notice that the MACC, along with the PDRM, AG, Judiciary and the EC, are part of the UMNO secret weapons to intimidate malaysians into continuously voting in UMNO and the impotent BN component parties into power. The PM will claim the 2 sudden deaths are just an insignificant statistic in the overall excellent performance of the MACC. He might even have the audacity to say that in the fight against corruption, some innocent victims (Teoh and Sarbani) must be sacrificed!!!

  5. Almost seems like an unseen hand is delivering the cards, doesn't it?

    Man proposes, GOD disposes!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  6. The Government is made up of 'Arsehole Cabinet'

    Nazri proved it to you, isn't it Bro ?

  7. Well Husseim you shuld know better. You use to corrupt those guys back home then.

  8. i am glad that there have a malay that are unhappy about the goverment,i sense a little bit of hope, a little bit.