Saturday 23 April 2011

UR1. With me we are two.

What I do here in steadyaku47 is not enough. There must be something more that we can do together. In the past I have tried to move you guys into being proactive on issues that I felt needed to be sustained over a period of time in order to ensure that we do not forget the injustice perpetrated by the Barisan Nasional government on the Rakyat. No can do lah.  

My daughter Terrina wrote me recently:

Judging from what my friends in KL are posting on FB, my generation is getting fed up with BN's lies. But how they feel is not the issue. It's always been what they do about it”

Is this not the problem we Malaysian face? Everyday I receive emails full of fire and brimstones telling me exactly what you think about the excesses of corruption, nepotism and greed that BN is wrecking upon our society and our country. It seem that you all could not wait for the 13th general election to be upon us so that together we can all drive out BN.....but this is the part I cannot understand.

How is it that PDRM can shock and awe demonstrators at will? How is it that when elections are held all the talk and anger supposedly building up within the Rakyat are not translated into votes for Pakatan Rakyat? Why can’t the people of Malaysia come out in numbers massive enough to overwhelm the Police who come to intimidate any anti government demonstrations? Why do they not gather in numbers large enough to show that they are against the ISA?

Why not all of us refuse to pay corrupt policemen and government servants bribes – and keep doing so in numbers large enough to make the police and these government officers understand that they can no longer bully or intimidate us into giving them bribes?

We have the number but nothing seems to be able to move us to “DO”. And this worries me. We need to “DO”. I know that the Police have guns and we do not. I know that you have jobs to lose and you see no sense in putting body and limb on the line to fight for something so intangible as a decent future and an open and responsible government. What has all this got to do with you, you may ask?

My friends it has all got to do with all of us. Without us Pakatan Rakyat will not be able to form Government. If enough of us turn up in Dataran Merdeka to protest about the ISA day in and day out, it will be abolished. Our strength is in our numbers but we must “DO”.

Can we all pitch in and each of us give your two cents worth as to what we can do to make more “DO” to move our people to do the necessary to ensure Pakatan Rakyat’s victory at the 13th General Election? What slogans can we ask everyone to have on their self, their cars, their office tables, their houses…anywhere that BN can read them so that they know who we are supporting? Are we going to wear Red Shirt or Yellow Shirts at gatherings so that we can shout to all who see us that we are together against BN? What about if I ask that you copy this and email this out to at least five of your friends…and they in turn to another five friends – but with links back to steadyaku47 so that we can keep track of the numbers that are with us? 

We need to start a movement that can sustain itself through the coming months before the 13th GE. We need to empower each other to do the necessary one on one or together so that always, our focus will be to ensure that BN will no longer be able to govern any state in Malaysia, what more Malaysia itself.  

Do send me your thoughts on this. This is not about steadyaku47, not about me. This is about us. You are one, with me we are two. Who else will join us? 


  1. "We need to start a movement that can sustain itself through the coming months before the 13th GE."

    About time someone did. It can be a driving force to penetrate the lies and deceits that we have been subjected to everyday by the power that be. I think bloggers like yourself should get together and do it. We can only provide moral support. Do it before it's too late.

  2. No chance bro,there is more moron than wise thinking people in this BolehLand,corrupted moron,hypocrites moron,not to mention those moron who revered the royalty like there is no tomorrow and all the other moron that you can think of.They outnumberd the wise thinking Malaysian bigtime.The wait continue bro!!!!!!!!!!!