Sunday 3 April 2011

Liars even when they speak the truth will not be believed!

Let us be clear and crystal on one thing. Before any of the three idiots Datuk even thought of doing anything at Carcosa with the sex tapes, they first met with our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to seek guidance and “tunjuk ajar” as to what should and should not be done (and of course to kautim what can and cannot be received for “services” to UMNO)! What they do after that was done only – and I repeat done only – with the approval and support of  this Prime Minister of ours.

Why do I say this? Well in Malaysia nothing of any significance, is done without the say so of the Prime Minister. Saiful met with our Prime Minister to discuss the state of his anus and only then did Saiful took ALLAH into his confidence and proceeded to swear in front of ALLAH that the state of his anus was in the same condition as he had told the Prime Minster much earlier.

Now these three stooges  - Rahim, Eskay and Shuib – or as one smart ass Apek preferred to call them – Lahim, Sakai and Sotong (Squid!) have already got the nod from Najib to go ahead with their sandiwara. Of course the right thing to do would be to hand over the tapes to the relevant authority who will then proceed to make their investigations – but doing it the proper way will just take too long and by the time anything is done UMNO and Barisan chances of trying to win the General Election would be proportionately diminished.  So what do these three stooges do?

Who cares about it being illegal to posse’s pornographic videos? Who cares about what Islam requires you to do in these circumstances? And who cares about the damage it does to anyone accused of sexual misdeed? Damm the person’s reputation, damm if he has a family – damm if he is unable to defend himself  - what matters is that throw enough dirt at that someone and pray that some of it sticks. And invariable it does!

With JJ the raba raba Minister when the heat started to get too much they “promoted” him to be our Ambassador in the USA. Out of sight out of mind! But not Anwar. Where can he go? He will stay and fight his battle in Malaysia and he will face everything full on. The three stooges have done their dirty work and in doing so they have once again earn themselves a good deal of contracts and negotiated tenders – not to mention cash in hand deposited through layers of covers designed to throw any attempt to trace any money trial to them. After all the head honcho Rahim Thambi Chik have already been rewarded with the Chairmanship of a government and various other “business opportunities” and now it is pay back time….and Rahim Thambi Chik do not think we do not know about your manipulations of that Lever Brothers land in Bangsar! 

And you know what is the saddest part of it all? To see this three stooges hold a press conference and tell us that  what they are doing is for the good of the nation. That the Rakyat must know the truth! This is not for themselves but for the good of the Rakyat – failing to mention that they are getting lots of “goods” from the Rakyat for doing so!

What? Do they think the Rakyat is that stupid? The head of these three stooges is a Tan Sri who raped an underage Malay schoolgirl? Huh!

If you go looking for pornographic videos in Kuala Lumpur you will have to do business with questionable characters that ply their trade in the pasar malam or in the shadows and alleys of Chinatown and Chow Kit. I put it to you that these three Datuk stooges are no better then these characters!

Hell just because one is a Tan Sri and two are Datuks does not make them respectable. They are dealing in the same sordid pornographic materials. Can you just picture the three of them viewing the pornographic videos with the excuse that it is their “duty” to the Rakyat and Nation? And what do you think the three stooges did after watching the video? Your guess is as good as mine!

And just because they ply their trade in Carcosa does not make them any better then those characters in Chow Kit and the Pasar Malams and in Chinatown! Those characters in Chow Kit and the Pasar Malam ply their trade to earn a living – they have an asking price and if you think it is too much you just move on. They do not harass you, blackmail you and they certainly will not do anything to damage your reputation in any way….and of course they never ever try to claim that what they do is for Malaysia and the Rakyat! 

These three stooges talk about integrity, national honor and doing the right thing by the Rakyat because the Rakyat must know! Huh!

If you want to talk about integrity then go and get somebody like Tengku Razali to handle something like this. Not this Rahim Thambi Chik idiot.

If you want to talk about national honor I put it to you that the nation owes Guan Eng an apology and compensation for his incarceration under the ISA because he dare to do the right thing re the rape case of this Thambi Chik and that underage Malay schoolgirl.

And these three stooges say that the Rakyat must know….well we sure would like to know the story of this Rahim Thamby Chik rape of an underage Malay school girl from his own mouth!

And as for doing the right thing….why not go through the proper channels? Even with the knowledge that the “proper channel’ will do their biddings they will still prefer to sensationalize the whole issue by going to the media because they know that will make the maximum adverse impact on Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar – without giving them a fair chance to answer back on a level playing field.   You three stupid stupid idiots! Rahim, Eskay and Shuib I spit in your face!   
And while all this is happening it is Najib who keeps watch from behind the curtain…another story about naked females, illicit sex where Datuks are involved and of course PDRM – something that Najib himself only knows too well with Altantuya and his Port Dickson escapades amongst others. I cannot wait for the Statutory Declarations to start flying around together with the surat terbang…and of course the whole nations is eagerly waiting for the “unauthorized” release of these pornographic videos on the Internet – not if, but when!

O my poor country what is to become of our future? There was a time when Tunku sold his row of houses on Jalan Argyll – one by one- to finance UMNO. Today these UMNO leaders sell their dignity, their integrity and their honor not to finance UMNO but so that they can stay in UMNO and buy row of houses for themselves and their cronies! And if it required the use of sleaze, slander and sex to make this possible – UMNO will use it. Nothing but the elimination of these unsavory UMNO leaders will be required if our country and our people are ever to have a chance at becoming a nation that we can once again be proud to call our own.

Until then it would do UMNO good to understand that those who will lie for UMNO will also lie against UMNO…it might take care of your present problems but has no future and with every lie you tell about Anwar….he grows stronger!

And a final reminder for all you UMNO leaders…remember this…Liars even when they speak the truth will not be believed! Amen.  


  1. polis cif : " You tell me wat wrong have they ( 3 stooges ) done !? "

  2. When you belong to this so called umno group,you also deserved to be called any sort of name associated with monkeys,baboon, beruk and what not and this three moron deserved to be called just that! period.

  3. May Allah protect our beloved country from all these liars..!! Rakyat must wake up and use the power at their fingertips...

  4. May Allah protect our beloved country from all these liars..!! Rakyat must wake up and use the power at their fingertips...

  5. Aiyaa Pak Husin, where have you been? Nice to have you back with guns blazing and can still hit right on target. Pak Hucin, ini Lahim cakap Anua tatak ala molal, mutut ka?

  6. Yes Steady is back!

    UMNO is desperate and got no class. They got political whores to do their bidding for them now.

    Time to put an end to this corrupted party

  7. the rotten fish must be buried.

    we have enough of it in 53/47 years.

    any products of UMNO is a bad dream..

    All those in BN and PR of that rottenness of UMNO must go into the dustbin of history..

    The bird of the same feather flock together in good and bad times.

    We don't need any one of them.

    Why are the latest memoir selling so well? The gang helping each other to deceive the give a false impression?

  8. Before Malaysia sink further, we need to have this Interim Good Governance Government IGGG with Joshua Y C Kong as PM.

    Before the next GE13, we must have a royal commission of inquiry on the electoral system and the massive frauds by the Election commission.

    No way for any one from UMNO to helm any emergency government and so IGGG is the solution now.

    The YPD Agung can do it now before we become Egypt, Libya etc ...

  9. Are you saying that the tape is false?

    The it does not hold up your brag of being dispensing the 63 years benefit of your immense wisdom and knowledge

  10. "PM the cunning" one sendiwara after another.. :)
    and he manage to fool the Malays and chinese and indians with the help of "running dogs" the likes of CSL , KohSK , Murugh, SamiVL..
    when will the rakyat realise .... soon i hope.. :(

  11. Is there a possibilty that Hussein could one of the Dato T, knowing him from his past life back home here. He/ll sell his ........ for contracts

  12. [3:26] Say, "Our god: possessor of all sovereignty. You grant sovereignty to whomever You choose, You remove sovereignty from whomever You choose. You grant dignity to whomever You choose, and commit to humiliation whomever You choose. In Your hand are all provisions. You are Omnipotent.
    [3:29] Say, "Whether you conceal your innermost thought, or declare it, GOD is fully aware thereof." He is fully aware of everything in the heavens and the earth. GOD is Omnipotent.
    [3:30] The day will come when each soul will find all the good works it had done brought forth. As for the evil works, it will wish that they were far, far removed. GOD alerts you that you shall reverence Him alone. GOD is Compassionate towards the people.

    [35:10] Anyone seeking dignity should know that to GOD belongs all dignity. To Him ascends the good words, and He exalts the righteous works. As for those who scheme evil works, they incur severe retribution; the scheming of such people is destined to fail.

  13. who are the liars???...God knows..I dont believe any of those politicians ..Let it be fr BN or the Opposition..semuanya sama..menyusahkan rakyat sahaja utk kepentingan masing2..