Friday 22 April 2011

Stupidity personified! UMNO again!

Stupidity personified! No one can be so amusingly stupid as an arrogant politician who is convinced that proclaiming to his peer and the world at large that he has bought 30 cars is a vindication of his competence to stand as a Pemimpin amongst them all. Then he proceeds to list them :

4 BMW's
1 Jaguar
1 Saab Turbo
1 Volvo
2 Harriers 
(which he proudly declares has never been 
used by any Trengganu individual before!) 
And possibly a partridge in a pear tree for good measure.

This is really stupidity personified. The insufferable arrogance of this man is simply breath taking.....but the fact that he is an elected representative of some Rakyat in Trengganu is truly sad. What does it say of the people he is representing? And more worrying is that this man, by his rhetoric's, is able to lull himself into a blissful state of incompetence... only in Malaysia, only in Malaysia.  


  1. The culture of possessing worldly "treasures", be they gotten by corruption or otherwise, appears to be the 1standard of BN politicians to measure their "competence". This hideous value has so permeated BN's political culture that their members not only see no wrong to proclaim it but see it wrong not to proclaim it!

    1BN 1Corruption!

  2. This is because most Malaysians like to look up, feel small or kowtow when surround with people like this stupidity personified. Thus many like to boast themselves to have this, that or have met so and so who are somebody, not just an ordinary person. Consequently, feel proud, great, grand and 'liaobuchi' (in Mandarin) - a part of kiasu mentality!

  3. If Tok Hussein were a poltician he'll be in those shoes too

  4. that jaguar is paid with my tax u stupid fool....

  5. YB., As a public figure (ADUN) just declare your asset and let the rakyat be the judge.

  6. Look at it this way; this guy is already declaring his assets and at the same time doing it publicly. He ought to be commended for being a law-abiding lawmaker.
    He is just a kid, if you compare him with the older and more experienced political players who stash away ill gotten wealth by the billions and yet appear before us as very pious people. Yes, it them again!!!!

  7. And of course he is an Umnoputra. Thieves are not only getting blatant these days but are even proud of their loots.

  8. I say if you would be in those shoes too. Read my lips mate