Sunday 10 April 2011

Dear Fellow Sarawakians in the Civil Service,

Dear Fellow Sarawakians in the Civil Service,

For far too long we have been intimidated by Taib, his ministers, and his appointed heads of departments.

We have been fearful that our votes can be traced and discovered and we will be transferred to the Penan kampungs in ulu Belaga and ulu Baram, ulu Lawas to Baru Bian’s kampung, ulu Balleh to James Jimut’s longhouse, to ulu Pakan to William Mawan’s longhouse (but please don’t send me to Betong – I can’t stand Jabu’s stench).

But, even if our votes can be traced, if everyone of us votes for change, how can Taib and his Chief Minister’s Office transfer all of us? There won’t be enough office space in all of our rural offices.
Imagine what would happen if just a fraction of us are transferred?

The whole Sarawak Civil Service with all our spouses, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, relatives and friends will rise up and vote out our deeply hated Barisan National ministers and their cronies.
If that happens, the whole country will rise and vote out Barisan National in the next General Election and a new government will be formed. The whole country is now looking forward to our beloved Sarawak and hope we will vote at least one third of our opposition representatives into Council Negeri. 

Then it will send a shock to Najib and his cronies.

Look at the photos which I took last night in Premier 101. Just look at the crowd. It has never happened before.I happened to be there for dinner. People just drifted in and stayed on to listen to the electrifying speeches. I went home to take my camera to record the event, and later found that the whole makan place between Delizze and Choice Premier to the Best Corner was packed.

This was only last night in Kuching and there will be more rallies tonight and on and on until the eve of election. Imagine what will happen if this is also repeated in Sibu, Miri and Sarikei, and Bintulu?
So, dear fellow oppressed colleagues in the Civil Service – do what the Chinese ancestors did by chasing out the deeply hated and feared Mongolians. It was the reason Chinese everywhere celebrate the Moon Cake Festival, which is only one of a few festivals not related to belief or myths. They managed to chase out the all powerful Mongolians when someone thought of this: put a note in a cake asking everybody who received the note to rise together to chase out the Mongolian soldiers on that full moon night. Each one who received the cake was asked to do the same: write a note, bake a cake and send to a close relative. Eventually the whole of China received the note. On that appointed night, everyone went out and chased the Mongolians away. That’s why the Chinese spend enormous sums of money to buy moon cakes and give them to their close relatives.

We don’t need to bake a cake and give it to our relatives with such a note. Today, we can repeat history by email. The Tunisians and Egyptians did that just two months ago.

Do like me: create a new anonymous account under,, and so on.
Send this message to all your contacts through a bcc. By bcc, no one will know who you are, and no one knows who else has been sent that email. Then continue to email your feelings and join campaigns and prayer rallies. Take photos and send them around. When you take photos of rallies, use small resolution so that you can send by email easily.

In this way, it will spread to everybody who has an email. He or she will talk about it and soon the whole of Sarawak will rise up in boldness.

As a very senior staff member with access to address, I am also sending this message to many of our fellow senior government servants (but I won’t send to our former SS, Taib’s yes man – ).

Nobody knows who sent this and nobody knows who has received it. Keep quiet for a few days and this movement cannot be stopped anymore. Eventually, this email will reach many many people.
Do not be intimidated. Taib will go into the annals of Hosni Mubarrak and Ferdinand Marcos who were packed off by People’s Power.

steadyaku47 comment: The above was posted on the net by someone and I thought it should be given more exposure - hence my posting it on this blog - it reflects my sentiment exactly! MERDEKA!


  1. Are you by any chance also hinting that we should sne some "LOVE LETTERS" TO

  2. Send them as much "love" as you can...they deserve it!